Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Treasure Hunt Thursday #83 Most Viewed Links

Hey everybody! I am still in full decorating mode which loosely translates to my house is still a mess. I hope to be done soon so I can share some more with y'all. I am just going a tad slower this year. The Hubster says it is because I am "thinking" too much about what to do instead of just "doing". I agree so now I am just doing!;) 

Anyways, here are the top most viewed links from last weeks Treasure Hunt Thursday. 
The Rusty Hearts came in first place sharing their fabulous Dollar Tree project creating JOY frames.

Next up was Pricillas who shared with us some of their fabulous trees. This one looks HUGE!

Debbie-Dabble came in third with her fabulous outdoor holiday decor.

 See y'all back here tomorrow for Treasure Hunt Thursday #84! Hope everybody's week is going well. Hard to believe Christmas is only three weeks out!:0


  1. Pamela, Thanks so much for your party and the feature ! So exciting !

  2. Great features! Thanks-I don't know one of these blogs-off to check it out- xo Diana

  3. Thanks so much Pamela! Your decorating is looking amazing! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Pamela!! Thanks so much for the honor of being featured!! I am truly flattered. I will give you a shout out in my latest post which will be Part 4 of the Home Tour, my Kitchen.

    Thanks again!!



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