Sunday, December 16, 2012

Laurie's Home Furnishings

Can you imagine a store so splendid? A store where when you enter your jaw drops open?

I went to a shop yesterday that was just that. I had never heard of it before until my neighbor friend Brenda told me about it. I am so glad she did!
 I signed up to follow Laurie's blog/FB page. I saw that they were having a Home & Holiday Giveaway. You could submit up to three pictures of your holiday decorations and then they would choose a winner. When I saw on their FB page that I had won I had to pinch myself! I could not wait to go shopping with my gift certificate.
Laurie's has so much eye candy that you literally have to walk thru it twice to make sure you didn't miss anything. 

I LOVE these buffalo check rugs by Dash & Albert! If I had not just purchased my red buffalo check rug I probably would have come home with one of these.
No place for him but I thought he was magnificent. 
I could see this table and chairs in our breakfast room.
Dreamy bookcases.
Light fixtures galore!
One of two couches I wanted to bring home. It was down filled and oh so comfy and very reasonably priced.
Check out those baskets!
Another fabulous table set. 

Anybody need a mega sized finial!?;)

Beyond dreamy bedding.
And just when you think you are done you see there is even more! You literally could spend hours in here.
Laurie's is a splendid shop with something for everybody in all price ranges. If you live in the Houston area this is a must go to shop! If you do not be sure to stop by their blog. Their pictures are out of this world!! Mine with my phone are certainly no match.

Stay tuned to see just what I purchased with my gift certificate.

I have to say after having such a wonderful time shopping I came home and felt so much guilt. I had no idea about what had unfolded. No idea that so many lives were lost. I sat at my computer and cried and cried and cried. It was senseless and something we will try to understand but honestly never will  ever grasp. I wanted to run straight up to my boys school and bring them home with me. To just hug them and never take my eyes off of them. How dare this man feel he had the right to take these babies away from their families! How dare he think he had the right to take away the lives of the faculty who were trying to save those babies!
My heart aches for this town, for the families and friends who lives have been so greatly impacted by this senseless act of violence. I pray for them and I pray for us as a country. May we cherish each and every moment we have, not only this holiday season but everyday because we never know when it may be the last. To do anything less would be an injustice to those who lost their lives. 


  1. What a gorgeous place to shop- lucky you. Know that people around the world mourn and pray for them too.

  2. Great place to shop and yes, such a senseless tragedy.

  3. Did you get us both one of everything? If not... go back no! LOL

    Shan ;)

  4. Oh, gosh, Pamela, what a gorgeous store! Thanks for sharing those great photos with us. I am in love with the chandys there.

  5. I have GOT to visit this store! I have heard of it but didn't realize how close by it was. Yay!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful store, Pamela! This is one of those that I could spend a long time in just walking around and taking everything in.

  7. 1. I still ask Why and can not understand,actions of one person.
    What he did is take any shred of innocence in our country and stripped it. I have CNN on my car and heard it while driving to take something to the shop, I had to pull over, to get details. Call my hubby with over 30 years in education.I don't know if we will e ver know why. 2. somday I see a road trip WOW

  8. Thanks for posting about this store! I drive by it almost every day and wonder what is inside. Now I know and anxious to visit - when I do not have the kids =)

  9. Yes I don't watch the news, and I think I found out on FB, and then our internet was out all weekend, and I don't watch TV. So incredibly sad. On a different topic all together, I love Laurie's! I didn't know they were having a contest, but of course you won!! Can't wait to see what goody you got.


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