Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Treasure Hunt Thursday #80 Most Viewed Links

The last few weeks our numbers dropped. I am not sure why. We had two fabulous weeks of over 100 links. The only thing I can think of is that we are not taking the time to stop by and visit all those who come to the party and thus party goers choose to not come back. I understand that it takes a LOT of time to stop and visit everybody who comes to party. Trust me I understand that and sometimes find it hard myself to do. I also know this time of year is crazy busy but lets make sure though that we at least visit the link before us and the link after us. We all LOVE it when we have comments left so lets make each others day and stop by and visit our link neighbors. Also if you think about it come back a few days later and show those near the bottom of the list some loving. 

Finding Secret Treasure held the number one spot for most viewed last week with their lantern turned bird feeder. I love this idea!

Everybody enjoyed stopping by A Happy Gram and seeing her vintage red bike!

Simply Organized came in at # 3 with their daughters beautiful nursery and bathroom.

Hope everybody makes it out to the polls today if they have not already. Have a good one and see ya back here tomorrow for THT #81!

P.s. Just in case you  missed the announcement mark your calendars!


  1. I stopped by all three blogs and admired them and commented and let them know you sent me there. Thanks for sharing the love!

  2. Sorry pamela, I really need to start getting back to blogging.And all the parties.

  3. What great blogs to feature. I am visiting them all! xo Diana

  4. Do you have a link on your front page to the link parties? I cannot find it.


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