Monday, November 5, 2012

Half Bath Update & Socks For Sandy

At the end of August I decided it was finally time to redo our half bath. In the past three years I did a few little things to it to make it more inviting like painting a blue accent wall.

I added vinyl bird decals and we even changed out the light fixture. Truth is I never really was happy with it. It is an interior room which has no natural light. Can I tell you how VERY hard it is to take pics of a small interior room in your house that has no natural light!?

One of the main reasons I did not like the bath was this shell shaped sink. Littliest would always hurt himself on the pointy edges. It was something I wanted gone a long time ago.

Other than painting the light fixture was the first thing to get changed out. I found this awesome vintage like light at Lowes. I love the milk glass globes. After we changed the light out we had a slight delay in the form of a puppy who took up refuge in the half bath for a little while.

I came up with a better solution for the puppy and hence the makeover got back on course. The Hubster had to help me get the sink base out. The builder had glued it to the floor.

We went to Lowes to get the sink I had been wanting for over a year but while there we came across this sink and it was on clearance for less than $200 so I decided we could give it a try even though I knew it was not what I had envisioned.

The very next day the other sink went back and I got the new pedestal sink I had been wanting. It makes the space feel so much bigger. 

We had plans on putting the sink in yesterday but we ended up not being able to reuse the faucet from the shell sink like we had hoped. We went to Lowes & Home Depot and did not find one faucet that we both liked at a price we were willing to pay. So now I am hunting online for one. The Hubster wants to wait till we have the faucet before installing the sink because he thinks it will be a easier to install the faucet beforehand. 

Even though the half bath is NOT done yet I am having fun adding accessories like this fabulous rug I bought at Target last week. 

I changed out the builder grade mirror with this $10 antique mirror! 

I am waiting for my newly cut and stained shelves to be dry so I can hang them above the toilet.

So there is where we stand on our half bath make over. Though it is taking FOREVER I know it will be worth it in the end.  
Before I go I wanted to let y'all know about Socks For Sandy. If you are able bloggers and Hometalk are teaming up and asking that you get together new socks, gloves, and hats for the hurricane Sandy relief and mail them by this Friday, Nov 9 to 

Socks for Sandy
P.O. Box 520
Little Egg Harbor, NJ

 To read more about this effort head over to Courtney's over at French Country Cottage who has shared a lovely post about the background to this relief. Thank you Courtney for sharing this with us all! Lets band together to make a difference!


  1. Your half bath is coming together nicely! Love that mirror! Good luck on the faucet hunting - although the hunt is half the fun! :)

  2. It's looking really great Pamela. I love the new pedestal sink.

  3. You are doing a really great job with the bathroom. I really like the sink and the mirror is gorgeous! Post more pics when it's finished!

    I jotted down the address for the Socks For Sandy fund...I have been wanting to do what I can to help. Thanks so much!


  4. It's looking real good Pamela! Love your new rug and your shelves look so pretty with the iron brackets! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Your bath is looking GREAT your sink!
    Happy Monday...

  6. Pamela, your half bath is coming along nicely!! Love your mirror; and your shelves are going to be the brackets!!

  7. Love your changes to the bathroom and the sink and rug are to die for!Love them! :)

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  8. Your half bath is looking great, Pamela- You are doing a good job there! The socks idea is just wonderful, too! xo Diana

  9. Pamela, it's looking lovely. And can I just say that I am going to "borrow" your idea of putting a door knocker on the powder room door? Honestly, I've never seen that, but it'll really look elegant for my powder room. You're wonderful at decorating and making a place feel ahhhh inviting. Thanks!

  10. Hi Pamela, you have done a great job! The bathroom is coming along nicely! :)

  11. Hi Pammy, We have one of those dark powder rooms, although there's room for a cabinet under the sink. The new house will also have a downstairs bath without a window, but what can you do? It doesn't have an exterior wall for a window. I know you are excited to get this room changed up. I am still hopeful we get together sometime in person. It will happen eventually!!


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