Friday, November 16, 2012

New Treasures & New Projects

Happy Friday all! I am trying my best to fight a cold. There is too much to do to have one but I guess that is just how it goes. The Hubster has one as well and I believe Littliest does too but its hard to tell because his allergies are always bad this time of year. 

Today I thought I would share a few treasures I found last week.
I had been hunting high and low for a dough bowl that I could afford. Most are $100 and up. I actually wanted one that was longer but when I saw this one I ran right over to the shop down the street to look at it. It was $45 which in the base case I thought was a good deal but the shop owner said she would give it to me for just $30!:) SOLD! She was honest and said it wasn't vintage but I didn't care because honestly you can not tell. 
Next up I saw a lot of boat oars listed on a local site. They were $10 each and 7 of them but I was not spending $70 on boat oars so I just brought these two home.
I think they are pretty cool and they are true vintage. The lady selling them said she thought she listed them too low and I said yeah she probably did!;) I will sit them out once its summer.

Now on to new projects!

The Hubster and I started this project about a month ago. I finally took a moment to get it mostly completed. Does anybody know what this piece is? 
It got a quick makeover. In just 45 minutes it was painted and waxed. It is almost ready for its reveal but I need to make something for it first.
That project led to me painting our laundry room cabinets. I am still in the middle of this project but I think it they will be fab once completed.

Some of you may be wondering what is up with the half bath reveal. Honestly it is ready to go minus one thing. The sink. The Hubster refuses to install the new sink till we have the faucet. I am up in arms over the faucet. We went to the big box stores and didn't see anything we liked for the money. Then I decided to look on
I found this awesome vintage looking faucet. I wanted to buy it right away but even with coupon it is $200. That is more than the sink. I will have to save for this one.
Then I found this one. It is only $118. So decisions decisions. Which one would you choose?? 
Here is the pic of the sink again to give you an idea.

Have a great weekend all and if you are traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday be safe!

Don't forget that Treasure Hunt Thursday is still going on strong!:) 


  1. Is that Overstock? That is where I got our bathroom faucets...Overstock...can be great deals.
    I like the darker oil rubbed bronze faucet.
    good luck

  2. Looks like you are having fun today Pamela. I found a new decor blogger that lives near you! We can include her when we get together. Actually I met 3 last night that live in your part of town.

  3. I like both of them, Pamela, but I guess I'd go for the least expensive one, especially since it is holding up the sink install. I'm curious to see what that is you are showing a peek of. I can only think of a door.

  4. Love the bowl love the ores love the price!!! I'm going to be painting all my moms kitchen cabinets soon. Ahhhh any words of advice?

  5. I hope you feel better soon! I your new bread bowl. You are going to have so much fun decorating with it. I used to have a reproduction one and once when I dropped it, it broke in half. So don't let your boys near yours. :)
    Those oars are quite a find too. So cute and such a great price!
    I hope you find the right faucet soon!

  6. Your dough bowl is a wonderful find! I searched high and low and finally found one on ebay that was affordable and just the right size for my island. Love the oars, too. They would look cute hanging on a wall.

    I like both faucets but the first one is a little more my taste. You have to live with it so follow your heart!


  7. I would go with the second the price and size looks like it would go better with your sink. Great price on the bowl. Is it a door?


  8. i'm excited for you. All these fun choices but don't forget to take care of that cold.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  9. Wow, you are getting a lot done. I love all the treasures you have found. I want to see more of the Laundry room.

  10. You need to search on That's where we have gotten a lot of our clients and our own items for a good price. Check it out! I love a good deal!

  11. Pamela, Your finds are great! My mom has been looking for a dough bowl, hopefully I can find one! I love yours. I like both faucets and can't wait to see which one you pick!

  12. I love that dough bowl! Ugh, I would hold out for the oil rubbed. It is gorgeous! That probably doesn't help!

  13. I love that dough bowl too. What a fantastic find.


  14. Your new bread bowl is so cute and love the oars too!! Awesome finds. Loving that cow head you shared on FB the other day too!!

  15. You are going to have fun decorating the dough bowl, Pamela. The oars are a great find too, and what a deal.

  16. They are both pretty, but do you have other oil rubbed bronze in the bath? That would probably make the decision for me. I think the dough bowl is wonderful, and I would care either if it was vintage.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, Pamela!

  17. Pamela, The dough bowl is wonderful and what a great price. I love the oars too. Have a great week.

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