Monday, October 15, 2012

A Day At The Auction House

My friend Kele and I had been planning since the spring to go to Round Top. Well Round Top came and so did the rain. Not just any rain but flash flood rain so we decided to not go but are looking forward to the spring show which I hear is better anyways.

Since I still had my stash I had been saving I decided to head to a local auction house today. I have never been to an auction before so it was an adventure to say the least. My GPS took me around my elbow and back three times to get where I needed to go and I felt like I should have been carrying some heat just to get there. 
I finally got there and its like the gates to Heaven opened up! Oh my all the eye candy there was to see. Pardon poor pic quality. All I took was my phone.

I had specifically come in hopes of snagging one or two of these dough bowls. I have always wanted one but have never been able to afford one.

I really wanted that smaller one in the basket. Sadly enough while I was there only two had gone up for auction and they sold at $90 each. More than I willing to fork out for just one. 

I loved these conversation chairs. I really wanted one but was too timid to bid. They sold for $60 each plus 15% fee for the auctioneer on top of that. 

I wanted to bid on these bread boards but they never made it up to the front before I had to leave.

This Welch cabinet went for only $650 I think.

I went a little early and was able to preview what was up for grabs to make sure I really wanted it. Then it was time for the auction to begin where the owner stood up front elevated from everybody and called out everything SUPER fast. I mean so fast that if you blinked you missed your chance.  

They held each and every item up for us all to see. That pretty blue chest went for over $800 I believe! 

These bread boards I missed out on because I was still trying to figure out how the bidding went. They sold for only $30 each. I was kicking myself for not holding my number up.

I loved this portrait and wish I could have staid to see if I could have brought it home.

They had some fabulous architectural pieces.

I LOVED this island!

I wanted to bring this little side table home to make it into a vanity for our half bath but it sold for $350 and there was no way I was going to feel comfortable tearing it up.

Loved the carving on this piece.

I thought that this piece would have been a neat side table.

Beautiful french bed.

After four hours it was time to head back home and the showroom was not even a quarter of the way empty. I was told the auction sometimes lasts till dinner time. It starts at 10:00 am. The auction was pretty expensive this go around. I didn't think I would be going back unless my mama wanted to go or The Nana but I heard a regular say that today every thing was bidding high so she was heading out and would be back next week in hopes of the normal bids.

I did get over my fear of bidding and actually placed a bid and won.

I won this barley twist rush seat foot stool.

It is in perfect condition. I won the bid at $45 but my total with the 15% fee and tax it was $56.02. Normally I would not have spent that much on a foot stool but I HAD to bring something home!;)

Now that I am done playing it is time to get busy. We kicked baby girl out of the half bath so I could finish the make over in there. She has been chilling out in there for a month and half now. It was due time. Kicking her out though turned into another project all in itself. Wait till you see what is up with these!!! You are not gonna want to miss it!! Do any of you know what they go to?

Hope your day is going well and don't forget to come back by tomorrow to see what the top viewed Treasure Hunt Thursday links were.


  1. Bread boards for only $30.00!! That makes my stomach hurt a little thinking about it! :)
    I have never been to an auction. I want too some day, but I would be intimidated to if they went really fast. Your stool is fabulous! I love anything with barley twist.

  2. That was one heck of an auction Pamela! I would have loved to have been there!!

  3. I've never been to an auction, but sure would love to, especially after seeing your pictures! I think you did very well with your stool-barley twist can be very expensive =)

  4. That is a lovely stool, Pamela. I love the barley twist legs and the rush is in excellent condition by the looks of it. That would have been fun to poke around at all the lovely pieces, but yes, way out of my budget for the most part. I recently posted about an antique outdoor event I went to, and it sure is fun seeing all the inspiration and prices.

  5. My hands are shaking just looking at the pictures. Where in Texas is this? I have to go!


  6. This looks like a lot of fun and I see so many things I want. I can't wait to see what you are doing with that dresser.

  7. Love your stool - the price is probably a good one since it is in perfect condition. Auctions get easier and more fun with experience. Give it another go!! Sally

  8. That looks like sooo much fun!!!! I love the foot stool ~ great job.

  9. What incredible pieces they had there Pamela!! I love the stool you brought home with you! :-)

  10. Vicki (the auctioneer) does move fast - she's known to be one of the best in Texas! She has to though - she moves a LOT of merchandise through The Gallery every month - 3-4 containers on average. Even with going as fast as she does, she often doesn't finish before the end of the day.

    Her french containers are typically more pricey than the rest of the European ones (she imports from the UK, Belgium, Netherlands/Germany; the demand is higher I think. The dough bowls always go for around $90. I love the footstool you picked up! I picked up two dutch hand-painted plates there for $10 (for the two), so deals certainly can be had! Auctions are challenging and some more so than others - you might like the one in Crosby; it's smaller and has a little bit of a slower pace to it, again, some really great deals to be had! It gets a lot easier as you go more regularily and sometimes there's really nobody bidding on an item, so you can pick it up for almost nothing. I love auctions!

  11. P.S. you can also leave a bid if you can't stay, for an item you want. You do this at the front desk. Also, if she doesn't auction things off - for example, runs out of time, you can request at the end of the auction and she'll (usually) let you bring it up, and then it's just bidding between you and a few people.

  12. Pamela,
    We used to go to auctions many years ago..
    Looks like this one was a really good one...


  13. You weren't kidding about the eye candy. The ivory chairs and the old doors alone are fantastic! What a great place.


  14. How fun, I wish I would have been there. Although I'm always so shy about bidding at auctions. Just haven't been to enough, I guess. Thanks for sharing these photos, I loved the carving on those old doors.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  15. Oh, I wish I was there! Our little auction closed its doors a couple of weeks ago and I surely miss it! Now the closet one to us is about an hour away so I doubt if I will be going anytime soon!

  16. Pamela, I know which auction you went to! Thanks so much for the pictures and info on what things sold for. I was going to go to that auction but in the end, decided to stay home, since I've been spending too much lately. Yeah, I thought the prices at that auction might be high. The trick is to find an auction where most of the stuff is junky, and they only have one or two good pieces, then you can get a good deal. That's where I got my French chairs (they have a made in France sticker on them)
    for 40 dollars each plus the buyers premium. She told me I got a deal on them, and I think she is right. Had they been in the auction you went to, they would have been much more. Linsey went with me to that acution and got smoe chairs for her breakfast room. We'll have to meet there some time. I'll let you know when I go again. I've been going to that auction house for fifteen years, and furnished half my house from there. The best thing I got at Round Top this time is a big gold French mirror for 100 dollars. It was a really ugly gold color, but I painted it white and waxed it. I love it now!!


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