Monday, May 28, 2012

Newest Treasure

The Old Oak Cottage has received several beautiful new things in the past few weeks. The headboard and bedding are just a few of them.
The bedding is just dreamy as can be. 
You can customize the bedding to your liking and it is all handmade! Believe it or not though its not the bedding that caught my eye the past few weeks every time I went in to visit and check on my space. Can you guess what it was? 
It was this fabulous rustic bench that sat at the end of the bed!

There is a funny story that goes along with this bench. I have been drooling over it but never asked how much. I just knew it would be over what I would be willing to pay for it. This past Friday I asked one of the ladies that helps out if it had been priced yet and she said no. Well later that day my good friend who lives just down the road from the cottage texted me that she saw the fabulous bench and that she was thinking of getting it. Well I guess she was told that I had been asking about it and she texted back letting me know that they called the owner and it was was just $50!

$50!? Did I just read that right? I called her ASAP and she had just left there and told me that she was thinking about the bench and just wasn't sure. I told her how I had been pining over it for weeks now and never thought it would be in the range that I would be willing to pay. She said she just wasn't sure. Well I did something some may say is just awful. I called the cottage right after I got off the phone with her and told them to mark it sold. Gasp!;)

I texted my friend back and told her that it had just sold!;) She said she just laughed. Thats a true friend! She knows me well. Now don't get thinking that I am all that bad of a friend. I did let her know that there was a fabulous Pottery Barn looking bench at HomeGoods that I had actually had in my cart and put back that very same day for the same price. It actually was more of her style anyways.

So note, if you are a pal of mine DON'T call and tell me about some fabulous piece that you are THINKING about buying at a great price that you know I have looked at too cause chance are if you don't get it right then I will!;)
The Hubster says he would have never guessed that I would have loved this bench but I do. Just look at its underside! It is made from an actual log. He says it looks like it belongs in a cabin. I said no way, it totally goes with our french country charm!
I loved the spindle legs. One of the legs is actually a tad shorter than the other three but that was fine with me. It just gives it more character.
Now the one thing I didn't like about it was that it was a tad orange. That just was NOT going to work so out to the garage it came.
I decided to sand it just enough to take some of the original finish off but not all. That would have been too much work!;)
Next I busted out my Dark Walnut stain.
Here is a side by side. The left side is with just the first coat of the Walnut stain on it. The right side is the original color. 
I did this project in just under 30 minutes out in the garage in 80 degree weather with my flannel Santa pjs on. What can I say, when I get a bug in me to do something I just do it.

The bench is drying. I am hoping to bring it back in the house tomorrow and put it in its new home. More pics to come soon!:)

Hope everybody is having a fabulous long holiday weekend! Thank you to all of those who have served and are serving and to those who have given their lives to protect!

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  1. Watch out! We have a swooper in our midst ;) It's pretty dang coolio girl! I can see why ya grabbed it.

  2. That is the funniest story I've heard in a while. It sounded too much like me. I thought I was the only one to crush-on a piece of furniture. It cracked me up that you had them mark it sold! Great one of a kind terrific buy. And at least you had on your Santa PJ's. The 'fix it' bug usually bites me when I've got on good clothes and tell myself I'll be really careful...guess what happens? Thanks for the laughs. Enjoy your new bench.

  3. I love a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it! The bench is awesome. I can't wait to see the photos when you bring it inside.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  4. Well, you did see it first, Pamela! I think that absolves you of any sneakiness. : ) I do love that bed though ~ everything about it. The headboard, the bedding, the pillows. The orange would have bugged me, too, and I think the stain you added took care of it really well. So, where's it going? Pictures of its new home, please!

  5. Pamela, YOu are a sneaky one!!! What a funny story!!!!
    I think I would be tempted to do the same thing too! What a great great bench!
    I love that you bravely took it home and tweaked the color!
    Please show us what you plan to do with it!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  6. I guess I'm just too darn nice to my friends because when they want something that I want I let them have it!LOL. I need to adapt your method.
    Love your pretty bedroom and the bench is perfect.


  7. I would of done the same thing, she did leave without it! I don't how she did that - it is gorgeous! Love the new stain on it.

  8. LOL- Not telling you NUTHIN' 'bout NUTHIN'...that's for sure! I love it- and I'm glad your friend didn't mind...what are true friends for anyway?

    So, if you are wearing FLANNEL pjs in 80ยบ weather do you wear flimsy baby dolls for Christmas? Just wondering~xo Diana

  9. You got it and thats what counts..

    Now about that rug in several of the photos:) wonder where I could get that, any idea?? love it~!

  10. What a great deal. I am looking for a bench very similar for the end of my bed. I cut just shoot myself for not buying one at Home Goods a few months ago. It was very similar to yours and very rustic.
    Have a super day!

  11. BTW, that boot looks like a magazine shot.

  12. Love that little bench - what a score!!

    But I especially love your flannel Santa pi's!!

  13. Okay, I must give a shout out to your Santa pj's! Love 'em! And, what a great bench !! Looks great with your creative touch!

  14. Oh I love it all. Such a fabulous space and the bench is fantastic. Hugs, Marty

  15. I once upped the offer on a sofa that another woman kept hemming & hawwing & changing her mind about. I got it :) gotta do it! Just LOVE that bench!!

  16. I loved your story about your bench! And that dark walnut stain really brought out its beauty. Can't wait till you share more photos of where you are going to place it.

  17. Well, I guess we know who 'not' to tell our stuff to. LOL Seriously, a great friend would not mind. I love the darker stain...glad you decided to change it.

    Let me ask you can you wear flannel pj's in this heat? :-)


  18. Score! Can't wait to see it inside. Love your nail polish! : )

  19. Pamela, This is too funny! Hey, they say, "If you snooze, you lose!" LOL!!! That bench was meant for you!

  20. You crack me up. A girls gotta do for decorating what a girls gotta do :)

  21. what a great piece, for a great price!

  22. Good thing you have a garage or you'd be like me, out in your pj's in the yard doing what you get a bug about! Love the bench. It's so cool!

  23. Great bench, Pamela! You are too funny!

  24. Treasure Hunt on today?
    Thanks, bj

  25. Haha...that's funny, I do the same. Your nails look great!
    I did notice the big changes at the shop. Your booth looked so cute! Did you see my recent post and the neat print I bought there?



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