Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A New Decorating Book!

I recently purchased a new decorating book. Can you guess which one it is?
I finally broke down and purchased Segreto Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors by Leslie Sinclair. Actually The Hubster told me I could buy it for Mothers Day. I had been drooling over it since it came out a few months ago but just never could bring myself to buy it so thanx hubby! 
Yes this book is $85! What do you get for $85? You get 300 pages full of wonderful eye candy!! 
Leslie packed her book full of beautiful spaces.
I could spend hours looking thru every page. It actually took two sittings for me to go thru it all.
Her finishes are beyond amazing!
Leslie signs every book she sells so this will definitely be a wonderful keepsake!
One of the fun things about this book is that a few weekends back Sharon from Mrs. Hines Class & I were able to meet Leslie at The Pink Ribbon House. Leslie is just the most down to earth sweetest lady ever! So is Sharon!!:)
 Let me add that this is one of the WORST pictures EVER and Sharon and I almost died when we saw it! We did not want to share it but we decided to keep it real and the next time we meet up we will get a better pic of us together even if it takes all day long!;)
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P.s. Can you do me a favor? I made all of my pictures XLarge in blogger except for the last one which is just large. Can you please tell me which is better to view for y'all? Things look completely different on other peoples monitors. For me on our Mac the Xlarge is just the right size but I am afraid for others they may be larger than life. Thanx in advance for the input!:)


  1. Hey, Pamela! That is NOT an awful picture. You are adorable and every time I see your smile, I smile! Personally I like the extra large pics. I may be biased because I like to use them too, but I like the way they look. I'm anxious to know how your reader's answer to this question, too.

  2. How nice to get that book. I really want it too and that price tag is an ouch for sure. I like the x large pics.

  3. How nice to have a signed copy, look at all that yumminess! I like the XL photos.

  4. I like the large pictures too! I love your book and if you're like me, I would look at it a million times!

    How fun to meet Sharon and Leslie :)
    Y'all look beautiful!

  5. Oh man...looks like an awesome one! I haven't heard of it. We need to do some book lending. I have A LOT of decor books if you want to borrow any. All of the Shabby chic books, a couple of victoria ones, a couple of cottage style ones, and some books about painting and refinishing, trompe l'oeil, Kath Kidston, Country Living, Art...geez. I have more than I thought! Next time we meet up it needs to NOT be at Walmart or a carpool line...we deserve it! LOL
    Good seeing ya today...

  6. That looks like a great book, Pamela! I am so far behind everyone on the decorating books. I usually wait until they go on sale. I've got the Charles Faudree next on my list to get. Oh, your extra large pictures look great.

  7. You look great. That book look's like a keeper.

  8. Awesome Pamela! and I think that is a fabulous picture of you ladies, you all look so happy!

  9. That is truly a wonderful book and to be able to meet her was quite exciting I am sure...So glad to see that him and Sharon met...What a truly wonderful day of friends and beautiful interiors!

  10. I could spend hours looking at that decorating book! I'm glad you showed it to us because I had not seen it. Personally, I like the extra large pictures, and the pic of you gals together is great!

  11. I like the XL pics and would love to have that decorating book♥ I think it's so nice that she signs the book too!

  12. So nice that you got to meet Leslie! And now you have her book... and it is signed!
    I think you look beautiful!
    x large pics are the best.

  13. I say do them extra large! I do and I love that folks don't have to enlarge them to make out the details on certain objects. vote is for the extra large.
    It looks like a very interesting book. Heaven knows I could use some help. I have books..but I end up..messing things up anyway. :)
    What a neat post this was..and I think y'all look wonderful! Smiling and happy!!!

  14. What a treat to have not only the book, but a signed book! The photos are amazing.

    I also like the X large but then my do not work as well as they used to.

  15. How wonderful for you to get that great book! I had no idea it was so expensive. I think it's a great Mother's Day gift for you though. I like the XL pics personally. Thanks for sharing some pages from your new book. I'm drooling!

  16. What an awesome book ... lucky gal! I could spend hours looking at it, too!

  17. Make me drool just a glimpse of it, how much more you have in hand? I am envious.

    In my LT all pix are lovely and nothing to be change.


  18. This is so fun!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I was drooling on your blog!

  19. Love the xlarge, it is perfect. The book looks amazing, I would love it I am sure. I think the pic of all of you is fantastic. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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