Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Mirror Haven

Yesterday I was perusing the local yard sale website and look at what jumped out at me!
A gorgeous antique oval mirror! It was the perfect size for our half bath so I had to have it. The best part is that it was only $10!

I double looked over it before bringing it home and all I saw was its chippy goodness. That was until I got home. Can you see what I spied after getting it home? Somebody drilled a hole on each side of this beautiful mirror to hang it I guess. It is super heavy. I was a tad disappointed but I figured I was probably going to paint it anyways and I can fill in those holes. At the price I purchased it for it was still a really good deal. I just wish they had done that.

Now as if that was not enough after I got back from picking up the oval mirror I hopped back on the local yard sale site and you just won't believe what I found!
I keep begging The Hubster to let me paint the mirror over our fireplace but he refuses since it goes to our bedroom suite. Well when I saw this one I jumped right on it! I was ready for a change above the fire place anyways.
Not done yet...
Earlier today I posted about fabulous Trumeau Mirror inspirations. I have longed for one forever and actually had plans of making one from scratch until....
I saw this mirror! The same lady who had the trifold had this one as well.
I just love all of its detail!
She also had this one so I made her a deal on all three. I feel like I hit the mirror jackpot!:) I was giddy when I went to pick them up today and saw how big they all were and what awesome shape they were in.

Now I just need to get me some Annie Sloan Crackle Glaze and some Annie Sloan Gilding Wax so I can get the  painting party started! Have you used either of those yet?
Hope your week is going well!

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  1. Awesome mirrors! I love them all!

  2. You DID hit the jackpot girl.
    Dang, you could have your own house of mirrors ;)

    Sorry, it had to be said. hehe

  3. I was thinking to myself as I was reading that you hit the mirror jackpot, only to read those same words. Great mirrors and what a deal on the first one. Looking forward to seeing how you make them over.

  4. Your just had a mirrorlicious day girl. They are all so nice. Good job. I haven't heard about about the gilding wax. Does it put a gold shine on the finish?

  5. This past Saturday I went shopping and like you, picked up several mirrors. I bought one very similar to your first photo ... for the same price of $10. I'm anxious to see your painted mirrors. I've never tried the 2 Annie Sloan products you mentioned. Didn't even know they existed.

  6. Love your mirrors. That first one with the holes drilled in probably came that way. We have two of them and they both have those same holes. I think they were made that way to screw directly into a wall over a sink.

    LOVE that tri-fold mirror. How cool is that and also the last one. I can see them done up. I have not used either of those Annie Sloan products but I bet someone out there has. xo Diana

  7. Love them all! great finds!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  8. You did hit the Mother lode my friend..did you know if you paint on elmers glue and then paint over it it will crack?? I did a few pieces back in the early 90's this way..I don't paint much any more..I give the paint cans to Len and let him have at it..Hey with COPD I can't be around alot of things..Hope you have the BEST week ever my dear young friend..are your kids almost out of school for summer?? I have been trying to redo my sun room..same look since 08 ha ha!! Love and hugs Pamela..Gloria

  9. Great finds, Pamela! I look forward to seeing them transformed!

  10. Love those mirrors, Pamela. I know they'll look great when painted.
    Mary Alice

  11. Oh my...the angels must have heard you and led you to the trumeau mirror!!! see, good things come to those you wait....and it certainly came to you!...

    It certainly was a great day for you!!...I am looking forward to seeing the new paint technique!!..

  12. Wow, you did hit the mirror jackpot! I love all of them.

    I'm not back from my bloggy break but just had to respond since I read the email. :-)


  13. Fantastic mirrors I love them all they are so beautiful.


  14. Pamela you hit the jackpot! Can't wait to see the transformations!!

  15. You were on a roll!
    Isn't a great to find something you need as well as something you want and then get a bargain price. That's a trifecta.

  16. Pamela, You did hit the jackpot! I feel that you can never have too many mirrors!
    I hope you will do a post on using AS Crackle Glaze and Gilding Wax. I have a mirror that is begging for a change!

  17. Hi Pamela,

    You did score!!! I love all the mirrors.


  18. Wonderful finds. Loving my first visit to your blog.

  19. Beautiful Mirrors! Love to see what you do to them. Love for you to share this post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Everyone will want a mirror now.


  20. I LOVE a good mirror, and to find 4 in one day! Isn't it funny how things happen like that? I wonder if we're just more tuned in to find the stuff, or if they're gifts waiting for us...
    Either way, it's a good thing. Congrats!

  21. Love them all - better get to paintin' girl!

  22. I never even heard of the gilding wax, so I guess I will have to check it out. You're going to have to report on the crackle glaze too, I've not used it.


  23. I wish I could like pick all of them...but that 3 door one would be my favorite. :)

  24. oh my, are you going to paint one like the fab french trumeau style? I would be all over that!


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