Monday, March 5, 2012

Frenchy Chair Loving

Those of you who have been following me for awhile now know that I just love anything French/French Country. I am on a mission to make our home into a french chateau on a SAHM budget.
I have been dreaming of bringing home some frenchy chairs like these. I just have not ever been able to come to terms with the prices everybody was wanting for these fabulous pieces.

Every time I see one my heart goes pitter pat. This particular chair was $399! I LOVED the toile fabric on it. 

I was on a mission and have been to look at several frenchy chairs that have been on the local yard sale site but they all have been really little like this one. A true antique but I was wanting functional ones not just pretty ones.
Well a few weeks back I went to look at something I saw again on the local yard sale site. While I was there I also saw something I just HAD to have.

I actually had caught a glimpse of it in the background of the picture of the item I was going to pick up. The lady was moving across country and was selling pretty much everything.

She told me she was not parting with these beautiful chairs. Well I went back to see her the next day to decide on whether I wanted a few of her decorative items.

Well Ms. Cathy was a sweetie and agreed to sell me not one but BOTH of her fabulous chairs!! I was giddy to say the least. As I counted out the last of my rainy day stash I told her it pained me to give it all to her. She laughed and said well then we were even cause it pained her to be selling um!;) Ms. Cathy was such a delight to chat with. I plan on changing out the dark suede fabric eventually. I just have to find that must have fabric. Come back tomorrow to see where they ended up in our home.

Before I go thank you to everybody for your sweet sweet comments on the little hallway into our guest bedroom! You make me smile!;) I appreciate the loving!


  1. What a find Pamela!! Your patience paid off and now you will have the look for WAY less. Can't wait to see where they end up and how you transform them! :-)

  2. Well, she changed her mind pretty quickly! Your patience paid off and they look like they should be easy to change out the fabric. I do love those first two you show. I always check the price when I see these chairs and they are always what I expect them to be, yet I am always surprised they are so much.

  3. Your chairs are so gorgeous....what a great find!! I can't wait to see where they ended up :o)

  4. Hi Pamela, I love french script fabric also. I haven't used much of it in my home because it really doesn't fit. I have always loved toille and have a bit of it in my bedroom. Love the chairs and can't wait to see them after you are through with them.

  5. Great chairs, Pamela. You charmed her into selling them to you. From the pictures, the suede fabric looks nice!

    Where did you find the chairs with the script? I've seen some, but not as good looking as these.

  6. Beautiful chair and you got two of thoem? Way to go , girl! It's like I always say, you never know til you ask! So happy for you that you found what you were looking for! Hugs, Leena

  7. What fabulous chairs Pamela! Can't wait to see where you place them. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  8. I'm glad that you got those fabulous chairs. I love the wood detail and the shape.


  9. Love them! I, too, love anything French. Could that be why I majored in French in college? Hmmm...

  10. i can't wait to see what you do with them :-)....very exciting

  11. Love the chairs so very pretty. Lucky you. Very exiciting.

  12. I LUV those chairs. I have been on the lookout for some, too! Can't wait to see the changes you make. xo Liz

  13. Lucky! Those chairs look great! I always balk at the pricey store furniture too, especially since it's nowhere near as well made as the antique stuff!

  14. I love your chairs, what a lucky find. I sure where ever you put them they will be gorgeous.

  15. Wonderful chairs, and I can't wait to see what you do with them!


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