Friday, March 2, 2012

Fluffing My Space & A Sale

Some of you emailed me asking me my plans for Jennie. Well I took her out to The Old Oak Cottage today to put in my space. I think she looks right at home there but hopefully she won't be there long.
I did some fluffing and added a few new accessories. 

The Old Oak Cottage is having a sale tomorrow.
If you are local come out and shop! The cottage and showroom are looking fabulous! Lots of new goodies thru out.

Next up I need to finish "Whitney" and the farmhouse coffee table I am working on. 

When I came in today I saw this beautiful mirror hanging above my space. I fell in love with it. I am just not sure I can part with the $100 it will take to bring it to my house. 

Hope your week was a good one! Sending prayers out for those effected by the terrible storms this week.


  1. Whitney certainly seems like she is home...She looks very comfy there...Love the it screaming your name...?

  2. I wonder if that is standard for booth places, Pamela. At any rate, your space looks lovely. The chair looks right at home there, too.

  3. I love so many things in this post. The chair, the mirrors and the lamp. Lovely.

  4. Pamela, Your chair look's right at home. I really like the rug on the floor. you did a great job on that mirror.Thanks for posting

  5. What fun it must be (and a whole lot of hard work to of course) to have such a cute space. It looks great.

  6. All your things look great! That is a difficult restriction to have but it probably makes the whole place pretty great...which is a plus...

  7. Ooohhhh Jennie needs to make herway to South Alabama because i have a great spot for her! What great things. Im headed there next.

  8. Your space looks beautifully "fluffed"! That is so fun about that mirror. My "roomie" at PFM just sold a mirror like that, almost exactly the same, today! -K


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