Friday, January 20, 2012

Walton Way

When we go home at Thanksgiving I always love taking a drive down Walton Way. Some years we get lucky and the leaves are just hitting their peek. This past year  we missed it but I still enjoyed the drive. One of the reasons I love driving down there is that there are sooo many beautiful homes to look at. 
I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality. I was taking them with my phone and my mom was driving. 
The Gegorgian style home is seen primarily thru out the area. They are so stately and beautiful. Reminds me of Gone With The Wind and Designing Women!Ha!

A cute cottage style home. You will see a lot of cottage style homes as well.

Another Georgian style home. Many of these homes are considered historic.

This onis actually is in historic Summerville. A coveted neighborhood off of Walton Way.

This home has the cedar shingles. I would hate to think about the up keep on this one.

A Georgian styled ranch home which I just love!

There are also some new homes popping up in the area. Arcadian style homes seem to be the most popular choice with new home builders and I can not blame them.

Another Arcadian styled home. I dream of one day having a home with huge front porch with rocking chairs and swing.
 Come back tomorrow and I will take you inside one of the beautiful homes on Waltons Way!


  1. I thought this was going to be a post about the show "The Waltons". LOL! Those homes are absolutely incredible and I love that you referenced Designing Women. :-) I'm such a sucker for that style and I too would love to have a home with a big ol' front porch and some rocking chairs. If I never have one, I'll just come over and rock with you on your porch ok? ;-)

  2. I too was excited to see it about the Waltons lol...Gorgeous houses none the less, makes me miss NC.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Beautiful homes and your pictures are great from your phone.

  4. We'll hello Pamela! Thanks so much for putting the Chic Provence giveaway button on your beautify blog (Rough Linen Giveaway)... the drawing is later tonight..

    I'm now a follower.

    Have a beautiful day



  5. Beautiful route, the homes are very inviting, can't waite for the next post when we go in.

    see ya soon

  6. Such a beautiful neighborhood with beautiful homes! Can't wait to see inside one!

  7. What a beautiful drive my dear friend..I can see why you love it so..Girl we don't have alot of brick homes in Calif because of earthquakes and all so I have alway wanted a brick home and a basement..I use to go back to Iowa when my family was still alive and I loved the fact they all had basement..most at that time the 70's were made into bar room ha ha!! I just loved playing darts with my cousins in the basement..Thanks for the fun memories today and also for becoming a follower my friend..May you have the best weekend ever girl..Hugs and smiles your friend from Calif Gloria

  8. Pamela, I had no idea these homes were out in Summerville. I've never been out there as I'm always going the other direction to Austin. I'd love a big porch with rockers on it, too.
    Hello out there to fellow Walton's lovers! My husband just rolls his eyes at me. ;)

  9. Thanks for the tour down Walton's Way. I love the tree covered drive, and the homes with the covered porches and rocking chairs. Reminds me of my grandparents house. Can't wait to see your inside tour.

    Have a Wonderful and Blessed weekend!!!

  10. I like the Arcadian style home too. the big triangle roof line and the big porch are a dream of mine



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