Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not Enough Time

It is the first full week of a new year! I have been busy and finally am finished taking down all of Christmas. Now there are dust bunnies every where and it looks as if we are moving out!Ha! In between that I have also been working on a few projects.
This chair is almost ready for its reveal! It will be headed to the cottage.
Then I finally decided on a color story for Antoinette. As much as I wanted to wait for the new AS Antoinette pink to come out I talked myself into using colors I already have. So Paris Grey it is! I have an inspiration pic that I will share when I reveal the completed make over.
In between projects I have also been doing a little shopping here and there.
I purchased these antique mirrors off of the local yard sale site today! They were only $60 for the three. I will be honest I went to purchase them to turn into chalk boards and sell at my space out at the cottage but after getting them home I just do not know. 

They are real wood frames and oh my the ornateness is dreamy! The gold not so much but that can be worked with. What would you do? Would you keep um or sell um?

Then I was at HomeGoods and found this miniature bust form that I just HAD to have! I figured it would be super cute in my sewing/craft room but then figured I could actually use it anywhere in the house. It was just $12.99.

So as you can see there is just not enough time in my day to get everything done that I want. Good news is that I am almost caught back up with laundry. Bad news is that you can still not see the top of the counter here in the kitchen where I plop all my craft stuff.

Hope all is well!
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  1. I would keep them!!! Wow, what an impact the three of them together will make, they are gorgeous!

  2. Those mirrors are beveled honey child - those are more expensive.

    Maybe do one chalk and sell the other 2 as mirrors - if the mirrors don't sell fast enough and the chalkboard does, you could change them out then.

    Love the little mannequin!

  3. Beveled mirrors? You would be nuts to take those mirrors out!! The frames can be worked with! Great finds! And as for not enough time, Stop by my blog - Never Enough Thyme!

  4. Oh, I love that fabric and can't wait for the reveals. I would probably keep at least one mirror and sell the others unless you need three. What a steal!

  5. Well now.... I'd keep them... they are wonderful...rework the frames and hang'em up. The little dress form is darling... I want one, wonder if my Home Goods have them??? Hummmm xoso Sandy

  6. Pamela I can't wait to see those makeovers, they look fabulous!! LOVE the mirrors too!

  7. I love the fabric on that chair, can't wait to see the final product! I like the mirrors a lot as is, I would buy one!

  8. Great stuff! I love the fabric too!

  9. Oh my gosh! What a deal on the mirrors! Good clean living! I think I would keep one gold because it's so pretty! Your bust form is fabulous! I wish we had a Home Goods! My city turned them down! Crazy! I have to go into Atlanta to shop at one!

  10. Those mirrors are great, Pamela! I would keep them if you have somewhere you can use them. Great dress form! I love the black and white; that would work in my craft sewing room, too.

  11. Enjoyed your blog and I love the fabric.

  12. Ohhhh keep the mirrors in! WOW, they will be perfect!!!!! And hurry up with Antoinette, will ya? hehehe XO

  13. Put one in as a mirror and paint the frame with some ASCP and see how it goes, then maybe try one as a chalkboard. AWESOME PRICE!!!!


  14. Great looking mirrors Pamela...I would keep one, and sell the other two.

  15. Love that Paris Grey color. You have been a busy lady, love all your items, exp those mirrors, so pretty!
    Thanks for linking :)

  16. They are beautiful, hate to see them turned into chalkboards...due to the bevel, so nice! GREAT price too!

  17. What a steal on those mirror's. I think I would keep them change the color and hang them all together. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  18. Oh i love that bust!


  19. I agree with many of the other comments...keep them and refinish the frames! They would be beautiful hung vertically close together to imitate a large pier mirror! How pretty in a dressing room or hallway.

  20. I know i am late with my opinion but I would keep them in a heart beat . They are to pretty to make into any chalk board



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