Friday, December 2, 2011

Busy busy busy & A Few Questions

Wow we have been busy as bees around here! As you can see we are just plum tuckered out!;)

Things are coming along nicely. Note this is a pick from last year. Nobody likes a post without some eye candy so I had to throw some in there.

Don't forget about my first annual Holiday Mantel party! 
 I would LOVE to have y'all come over to party and bring your friends! It will be a blast!

Now on to my questions. Can anybody tell me what the difference between hitting the FOLLOW button up at the top of Blogger Blogs is and Google Friend Connect? I have noticed that even though I have been following blogs for quite some time that I am NOT showing up on the count on Google Connect so now I am having to go back and follow them thru Google Connect. I do not mind at all but just wonder why it is this way?

Secondly I am considering on taking on sponsors now that my blog is growing so fast. I was only at 174 followers back in April and now geez I am humbled and honored so very much when I see my numbers just keep going up! Blogging is a LOT of work. The prep time is out of this world and very time consuming but I LOVE doing it and making new bloggy friends. As you now though sometimes blogging takes some cash flow and well sometimes that is not available so to keep the projects coming so I figured sponsorship may be the way to go. So if you have sponsors I would LOVE to hear your take on it and how it is going! If you are interested in being a sponsor of FMFPTY let me know too! That may help me make my final decision!;)
Okay off to clean the dishes, caulk some baseboards, and maybe just maybe get the tree in the living room that is just sitting in the foyer right now.
Hope your Friday was a fab one y'all!


  1. Pamela, I don't know what the difference is in the following gadget. GFC is just what showed up on mine. I have just a few sponsors and it isn't much money at all, but every little bit helps.

  2. Mantel party sounds like fun. I hope I can get mine done in time. My daughter convinced me to change my mantel from my traditional, but it's taking some time.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Hey, Pamela! I'd love to hear about what you learn or decide on the sponsors. I've considered the same thing. I just don't know enough about it! Wish I could help of the followers. The only one I'm familiar with is GFC.


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