Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Queen Of Hearts

Last week was a very busy week for us. As you know we traveled to Ga to visit both sets of family. This year was unique in the fact that it was the first year we have had to split our time between the two sides. We had been fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents live just down the road from each other up until this past August. The first half of the week we spent with my side of the family and the latter half with The Hubster's.

The Nana & The Papa moved pretty much to the same area as one of the sweetest, nicest bloggers out there, Kim from Savvy Southern Style! I had asked her a few months ago where her fave spots to shop where and Queen of Hearts was one of them. I was super excited to pay it a visit despite the fact that the entire family was in tow.
 Before we headed out I sent Kim an email saying we were on our way there and if she just happened to be out and about it would be fabulous to meet up with her. I did not contact Kim to make formal plans before hand to meet up because I knew Thanksgiving week is a hectic week for everybody and she was cooking for 30 + people!

Queen of Hearts had me from hello! By this time I saw an email stating that Kim was on her way! Yippee! I was super excited!

The Hubster thought that these were cool so did the owner.

The boys thought that this old register was neat and wanted to bring it home.

Eye candy was every where!

I got excited when I saw these bunny pictures! I had been hunting some down for what seems like forever. Well my excitement dwindled fast when I saw that they were $250 EACH! Ouch! Needless to say they stayed behind.

Looking for an old window? They had all sizes and styles! 

Neat trees made from burlap strips.

This shadow box was really beautiful.

I also liked this shelf and...

this cow print. The cow print was almost $100!!

A truly fabulous booth that just makes ya stop in your tracks.

I loved this petite french country china cabinet. If we lived in the area it would have come home with us at only $250!

This cabinet was fabulous as well!

By this time it looked as if Kim was not any where to be found.

I was able to look at a few more booths.

Then it was time to go. The men folk had grown restless.
I checked my email one last time before leaving and Kim had said that she was there and did not see me anywhere! Turns out that there are not one but three Queen of Hearts in the Atlanta area and we ended up at two differ ones!:(  I was at the one right down from her house and she had driven all the way across town to another one. I felt just awful but all was good though. You can read about her adventure here!

I am thinking that this upcoming summer the boys and I may spend a few weeks in Ga. If so I will certainly make concrete plans before hand to meet up and shop with Kim!

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  1. Yes, our wires were crossed that day. Next time! The booth with all those stockings and table skirts is made by a woman who was the main seamstress for Ethan Allen in the Atlanta area for 25 years. She just quit and started this booth. She does wonderful work and her prices really aren't bad. I have looked at those cow pictures forever. Just too expensive as is most of the stuff there.

  2. Great stuff! I would have zoomed right in on those bunny prints, too, Pamela! I even said "ouch" when I read the price. That's too bad they were so expensive.

  3. What an amazing place! Every single picture was eye candy... don't you just love finding these places? I always walked away inspired; wanting to go home and either "make" something or redecorate! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Looks awesome Pamela! I had to crack up at the story about you and Kim in two different places. Well the intent was good, and next time it will happen. Kim made an awesome score at the other one LOL!

  5. This is one of those places I would love to visit!

  6. Pamela, What a great place! The only thing that would have made it better was to meet our dear Kim!
    LOVE the cow print!

  7. Whew, that's a lot of eye candy! So many gorgeous things. It's to bad that you and Kim missed one another, I'm sure you'll have better luck next time.

  8. I love all the eye candy! So many wonderful things. The burlap trees are so cute.


  9. What an amazing place... I could spend all day here and your Photos of the Booths are stunning! So glad I discovered your Beautiful Blog this Evening.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Wow! Thank you for taking us along on your fun shopping trip! What a great store! It sounds like the prices were high...but it's still fun to browse and get great ideas, huh? Glad you had a safe and enjoyable holiday!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  11. I enjoyed my only visit to QofH - Hope to get back soon. Did not realize there was more than one location. I think the one I visited was in Alpharetta.

  12. Thanks for taking us browsing...the store looks fabulous!

  13. Hi Pamela! What a great antique mall. I see lots of things I would love to take home with me. Too bad about missing Kim. I hope to meet her next time we visit Atlanta.

  14. Hi, Visiting from Kim's blog. Wow, I would've been lost in there for hours. That last pic just made me drool! I have been doing red with a bit of turquoise in my family room/kitchen area for a year or so now. Sorry to hear that you and Kim missed each other. That would've been one great reunion. I don't know if I will ever make it to Georgia. If I do, It's Queen of Hearts for sure! Now following you.

  15. So much great inspiration - what a bummer to miss out on meeting Kim of Savvy - her blog is one of my faves! I read about your mix-up on Savvy, but actually found you via French Country Cottage. I can't resist a good booth picture since I just started one of my own. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What a fabulous place and delicious eye candy! Thank you for linking this great place and inspiration to Potpourri Friday!


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