Monday, October 24, 2011


Today was a day that God thought I needed to learn patience. Either that or he finds my aggravations quite  comical. I guess with a job like he has he is entitled from time to time!;)

After spending part of the morning gussying up Lucille for her debut at the cottage I headed off to run a few errands. When I came out from HobLob this is what I found!!! Note I am the Flex and I was there first! I had to park further over than normal because the person on the other side had parked further over. All was good that was until the Traverse decided to not give a second thought to how they were parked. You could not open the door even if ya wanted to! Needless to say I climbed in from the passenger side and spent 10 min backing out. Patience is not a virtue that I posses at times.

It is a lesson though that I quickly remembered this evening! Good things come to those who wait! The junking fairy deserves some extra sparkle dust for this find!

Hope your Monday was a good one! 


  1. what did you get, a sofa?
    Glad you managed to get out of that parking situation!

  2. Argh! That has been happening to me a lot lately too...the parking part not the junking fairy part. LOL! And, I am soooo excited for your latest venture with selling your pieces Pamela! You have so much talent and I just know it will be a huge success. :-)

  3. wow, that was awfully close. What on earth did you find?

  4. Oh my... been there, done that! Sounds like you were a good sport about it.


  5. Oh, Pamela! You know you've got lots of sympathy out here! And it never fails that you've got your hands full when this happens!
    BTW LOVE, LOVE the "Finch & Co Designs" name! Perfect!

  6. I always say, if you can't drive it, park it'! I guess in this case, the person couldn't park it either! Annoying! What an awesome sofa hyou found, however! Whatcha going to do to/with it? Have a great evening! xo, Leena

  7. Is that a sofa with the curvy lines you wanted, Pamela?

    I've had that happen before and I check my driver's side to make sure whoever got out of "that" car didn't ding mine. I know that the Hob Lob by me there is plenty of parking so is that really necessary to do? When I see a spot that might be too tight I just move on.

  8. I have had to do that too and it takes me 15 minutes to figure out how to climb over the console in the middle...good job!

  9. check out my newest post, your in it!


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