Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not really....

 I shared this transfer project with y'all a few days back. I was super excited because well I honestly did not think it would work. Well it turned out pretty  good and I was impressed but yes if you look real closely you can still see the outline of the paper. I had some ladies ask me abt that but truthfully you have to look really hard and since the back ground is light colored it really is a non issue at least for me anyways.

With the success of my caddy I decided it was the perfect way to add something more to my new armoire that I am trying to get finished up. Yes, the one I have been working on for almost a month now in our foyer!:) I purchased these awesome vintage number graphics off of Etsy. I played with them for probably an hour and half getting the background color and sizing right. I figured since I was going to be placing them on top of Chateau Grey and not a light background I needed to make the background of the image match. 

I was getting super excited and thought about only doing one drawer at a time but then I figured I would save time and do them all at once since this technique worked so well on the caddy. I was getting super excited! I just knew this was going to add that something special to the armoire that I was looking for.

Yeah, well you see how well that turned out!:( So take it from me I would only do this technique on something small and on something with a light colored background. To be honest I am not even sure I will be attempting this again.
So now it leaves me with having to mix up some more chalk paint to match and trying to figure out just how in the world I will be getting the number graphics on the front of these drawers because I just HAVE to have them on there and they are so intricate that I just do not think hand painting is an option. I have tried hunting down a Splendid Blender pen like Rosemary from over at Villabarnes uses on all of her projects but NOBODY around here has them and I am hesitant to order them off the computer because the only ones I have found do not look like hers. Sigh, so if you know where I can get my hands on a few of those pens please let me know!
 Just wanted to make sure I updated y'all on this technique! I would hate for any of you to go thru what I did!

Also don;t forget about Treasure Hunt Thursday happening right now! We would love to have ya join the party!


  1. Do you need to sand the surface? Your box was kinda raw and this seems more polished which could be the reason it does not have anything to attach itself to? I don't know but just throwing out a guess! Pamela

  2. Hmmm, I don't know, Pamela. I had a problem with this technique myself on a little piece of wood I did. My fault, I'm sure. There is one I want to try. You need to print your image out on a laser jet printer because the toner plays a part. I think it is Dee at Lapin Life you talks about using a little tool that uses heat to transfer the images to anything. I have wanted to experiment by using an iron but the tool is relatively inexpensive {$14.99}.

    Otherwise, maybe you could have the design made into a vinyl and attach it that way.

  3. Hmmmmmm.....that is interesting! Be sure and let us know how you solve your dilemma. I have not tried anything like this......I am a stencil kind of girl.......what about that? Maybe a stencil? Then you could reuse it too!
    Hope you have a fantastic day and hey, we really do need to talk!

  4. Pam, I have not read the post that explains the transfer process and don't know what kind of paper you use, but the reason the gray background numbers didn't turn out is because the background came out on top instead of under the numbers. Did that make sense? Anyway, is there such a thing as a transparent (clear) transfer paper you could use? If so you wouldn't even have to use a background you could just transfer the number design itself. Just a thought!

  5. I love the Citra-Solv method. I printed out my image on a Laser Jet printer and reversed the image. Next use Citra-Solv to transfer the image to the wood. It works like a charm!! I have used Citra-Solv on wood, plastic, metal, fabric...I haven't found a surface I could'nt use it!!

  6. I too am having a hard time finding them even the chartpak sight to see if they had lists of distributors, but no luck. I did find some for sale on ebay for $4...


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