Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #18!!

As of late the local yard sale site has been really slow. Not much happening on there so when I got on there Monday morning later than I normally do I had no idea what was waiting!!

Look at the amazing detail!

Those sexy curvacous legs! Wish mine were as good looking!;)

The handles to die for.

Oh my, the convex drawers were pulling at my heart strings!

What sent me over the edge were these wire doors!!

So yeah, I was more than in love! I was obssessed with getting this piece of furniture! It was just the perfect size for the guest bedroom that I am working on! So yeah, I HAD to have this piece of furniture. I sent the lady an email and kept every finger and toe crossed. I then sent her a second email with both my home and cell number hoping she could see how much I wanted to be the new owner of this piece. 

 Look at those drawers!

Not even ten minutes later Ms.Barbara called!! I was amazed! She said she had had it listed for only 15 minutes and had no idea what kind of response she had been getting! She had abt four other ladies wanting it but all could not give her an exact time. 

I explained to her that I could come ASAP so I was quickly getting us out of our pjs because it still is summer vaca for us and it is not uncommon for us to hang in our pjs till lunch!:) I was getting ready to do the boys hair and Ms. Barbara called me back again. I was afraid she was gonna say somebody had just come and picked it up. See Ms. Barbara lives a good 45 min away from here but I was not going to let that deter me. I was going to rent a Uhaul and me and the boys were going to have an adventure that I am sure they would have  remembered for a lifetime...dude remember when mom got the crazies??...!:) Well Ms. Barbara said her husband just got home and asked where I live. She told Mr. "Barbara" who said "why don't we just take it to her?"! See I just happened to live near one of their daughters. Can you believe it!!!???

An hour and half later this was sitting in our foyer!
Mr. & Ms. Barbara were the sweetest couple in the entire world and I will forever be appreciative to them! They are a true testament in a world that seems to have gone completely mad that there are still truly warm hearted, genuine, caring people out there!
Thank You Ms. Barbara to you and your hubby! Also thank you to The Hubster!! This is what I finally decided on for our 10 year anniversary next week! A true treasure I will have for a long long time!

Sneak peek at next weeks treasure!

So if you are still there and I am not talking to the crickets after that long drawn out story it is time to party ladies!! We had some awesome entries last week and I can not wait to see what ya have this week!
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  1. OMG did you SCORE. FABULOUS!!!!! Ahhh.....I'm sooooo jealous!!!

  2. That's beautiful!! And how lucky you are that that worked out so well!


  3. Are you kidding me??? Girl, that is absolutely gorgeous! I need a Ms. Barbara to live near me. LOL! I think you are on your way to making your guest bedroom into a place your guests will never want to leave! :-)

  4. Sorry to be a dummy, but what is a "local yard sale site"? I'm assuming it is on the internet? Is it Craigslist? The piece has beautiful lines...we can't wait to see how it turns out. I know this is rude but could you tell us "ball park-ish" what you paid for it?

  5. Shut Up!!! That thing is absolutely incredible!!! I am so glad that you got it! Your guestroom is going to be wonderful!
    Thanks for hosting! : )

  6. That's a classic piece from the recent past! We used to sell more than a few in our stores from some great companies. It will be a wonderful addition to your guest room, too. Will you be painting it to coordinate with your room decor? Glad your sellers were so accommodating with the delivery- yes, there really are some nice people still left out there! :-) Thanks for hosting.
    ~ Sue

  7. Love it. The wire in the door makes the piece.

  8. what a great piece, and how nice that they delivered! I have a minivan and it's amazing how big a piece of furniture can fit back there with the seats all folded down. The huge couch I just bought amazingly fit in the back of the mini van

  9. My gosh! You have the best luck. It is fabulous! What a great deal!

  10. A great story with a happy ending...Congrats!!!

  11. Beautiful piece, Pamela! Good choice! : ) I'm sorry I'm late with my link up. We were out of town and my hubby brought his tablet {which I do not like using at all}.

  12. That is on gorgeous piece of furniture! OMG, who wouldn't love to have it!Happy anniversary, I know it will be with such a great treasure.
    Thanks for hosting!

  13. OMG, not only did you score a great piece of furniture, but now you have a great story to go along with it. And two new 'friends'!!!

    This is a wonderful piece. Love all the storage it can provide.



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