Monday, July 4, 2011

Weigh In??

We all have our fave lil' boutique shops we like to visit. One of mine is The Old Oak Cottage

We all love shops that have tons of eye candy!

The kind of eye candy that keeps you wanting more! The kind of eye candy that makes ya wanna go home an rearrange your entire house!

So here is what I need ya to weigh in on and no do not worry I am not asking y'all to hop on the dreaded scale and share! Heavans no and doubt I would have any takers on that anyways! Ha! Here is my question -What makes ya keep going back to your fave gift boutiques?

What are your fave items that they carry?

What items do you wish they would carry and they do not? What makes them so special?

Just trying to do a lil' research for a friend of mine!:) I know we all are a bunch of shopping ladies  so I figured there was nobody better to ask than y'all!! So please share your thoughts and let me know what ya like, what ya don't like, what ya are tired of seeing, or what ya wish you were seeing!! It will be very much so appreciated!

This all has to do with a very exciting opportunity coming up for me which I will share with ya soon!;) 
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  1. Pamela,
    I agree totally!!! Two of my favorite shops here in our town are no longer in business. One sold out and the owner revamped with a younger, fresher look. I miss those shops! We still have one unique antique/ gift shop in town. Thanks for sharing one of your favorites!
    P.S. Stopping by from Between Naps On The Porch!

  2. I wish I had this shop somewhere near me. It looks perfect. I like a shop to have something a bit different from the other shops in the area, I like them to update their merchandise frequently so that you see something new everytime you go there. I like them to change their window and interior displays often to give the shoppers a visual treat. I like them to display their merchandise creatively- for instance, showing customers different ways to use a particular product. Hope this helps your friend a bit. Wish her luck. x Sharon

  3. Oh boy, this sounds like you are about to embark on one of my professional dreams! I like shops that are not run of the mill. I like a mixture of old with new decor items. I wouldn't even mind finding a few handcrafted items in the mix as well. Of course, I always prefer to find a deal so I am always looking for a bargain. I'm not interested in overpriced gift shops that never run sales either. Personal experience has shown that overpriced items generally collect dust on the shelves leading to a boring store who's inventory doesn't change much. I love a shop that merchandises well. For me this is keeping like items together but showing them mixed together in displays as well. I do not like a store that has shelves upon shelves of mixed items. Basically the same things scattered all over the store. Some do merchandise this way but I personally find it confusing and a waste of my time. It's like you think you are looking at new merchandise but find you just looked at the same things a few feet over only arranged differently. This drives me nuts to see this and tells me they are skimping on inventory. Biggest bonus of a small shop, a great staff who knows how to be very personal and recognize you but also knows how to let you browse and shop on your own, helping when needed. Sorry to be so long winded, but I used to work in a small shop and dream desperately of getting back into one again. Can you tell?


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