Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am sorry but I have had ENOUGH!

I am done! I am over summer! I am so wishing these 100 degree temps would so kindly go away.

I am dreaming of seeing these and feeling the cool crisp air and the smell of back yard fire pits. Yummy! Oh and drinking some French Vanilla Cafe!! Yes truly yumminess.

Of course all of our fave shops are not helping deter my fall fever. Thanx for nothing HobLob!:)

I love this old wagon and the word pumpkins are just fantastic and would be super easy to do!
Source Unknown.

I can never get enough of pumpkin topiaries.
Source unknown.

And even though I know this pic has been around blogland for like ever I still love it! I think it is from Better Homes & Garden but I may be wrong. I pulled it from my inspiration file like all the others.

Now this door swag is truly unique and I just may have to borrow this idea! Again I wish I knew who to credit!:( It really is fabulous.

Can you guess what these adorable little pumpkins are made of?? I know as soon as you find out you will be hunting down any spare fall fab and making some!:) Head over to Organize & Decorate Everything.

This wreath is too stinking cute as well. Head over to Crae's Creations for the tutorial!

 So anybody else longing for fall yet or am I the only one!? Speaking of fever Littliest has a 103 temp. Hoping it turns out to be nothing more than just a little cold. Good excuse why the laundry is not folded yet! Ha!
Have a great one off to snuggle with Littliest!


  1. OMG, tell me about it, Pamela! I think Fall is my favorite season since I hate snow and humidity. That leaves Spring, but then it's lots of rain. I was in Rite Aid drugstore this morning and saw they have their Fall aisle all set up. While I'm looking forward to it, I just can't be looking at pumpkins and leaf garlands yet!

  2. I am ready for much cooler weather, but not so sure I am ready for the holidays yet. I sure hope he feels better soon.

  3. Great post! I'm tired of the hot weather but we'll probably have it here in Houston until mid-October. (not 100+ but still hotter than I would like!) I LOVE fall and all the cute ideas you have are getting my creative juices flowing. Maybe I'll do some crafting since it's too hot to go outside. It was 100 degrees at 7:00 p.m. tonight...UGH!
    Hope your little one gets to feeling better. :)

  4. Well that was a nice little walk down Fall Lane :-)

    We're headed for another heat wave here this week :-(

  5. I must say...I'm not ready for Fall just yet, but maybe ready for some college football.


  6. You are too funny! I agree, I am so over this awful heat but I still want to enjoy my summer. Summer at 90 degrees instead of 100 would be nice!

  7. I know how you feel!!! I am really trying to savor the summer season but this heat is making it really hard.
    I work at Michaels arts and crafts and I spent all morning yesterday stocking fall and halloween decorations ~ I LOVE the fall season.
    Look at Pottery Barn's website at their halloween decor.. so cute!!

    Stay cool.. don't worry, we'll be sipping our latte's in front of the bon fire soon enough.

    Have a great Wednesday

  8. Sorry it's so hot where you live. I love all your pumpkin pictures, but I'm not ready for fall yet. Fall means Christmas is right around the corner. I'm really not ready to think about Christmas.

  9. I am so with you! Although it is not that hot here, it was close. Fall is my favorite,I love the colors, the crisp cool air, the smell of the air the feel of being cozy. :) I hope you stay cool!!

  10. I'm with you Pamela! Dare I say it? I'm ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Gasp! Thanks for popping in for a visit. This new little blogger appreciates it.

  11. Whoa! Sloowwww down! LOL! I'm not ready for fall yet. We have a local store that is already putting up Christmas for crying out loud, with small sections of Halloween and Thanksgiving at the registers only! What in the world? I do hope things cool down though a bit because I am sooo ready for temps in the 80's instead of topping off at 100 so often.

  12. I too have been dreaming of fall..... cool, crisp, nonhumid air. I love your fall, pumpkin ideas shared here. I think I may give the topiary a try.

  13. Sorry, it's not funny, but I laughed out loud at the thermostat photo. So glad you posted a comment on my blog so i could find and follow you!

  14. I *love* Fall, and you're not helping! Hobby Lobby is getting a little anxious, I think...

  15. I'm so tired of the heat here in Oklahoma! I'm ready for Fall too! And Hobby Lobby is like sugar to me, I need to stay away from it!

  16. I live in Oregon. Our summers are in the 70's and on a worse day, the 80's. Once in a while it even reaches 90 - but not every year - thank goodness. I once lived in Texas, I'm so glad I live here.
    I can't wait for Autumn. My favorite time of the year.

  17. These were some really GREAT inspirations, Pamela...thanks for all the links! I'm off to explore each one.


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