Friday, July 8, 2011


  Today I am watching paint dry, sorda. See last Saturday after renting our umpteenth tool to clean up the sub floor we decided to wave the flag of defeat! Yep we had had enough. We were thru. Actually beyond thru with it all. We fought a good fight and honestly could have finished but we were tired. I was tired. We are going on three months now having our home in disarray and there seemed to be no end in site. We called in the big guns.

They came this morning and thus me and the boys are sitting around waiting for the new leveling to dry.

It is already looking more fabulous! Now here is hoping that the cats who are upstairs do not figure out again how to open the door. I was not thrilled the last time when Max ran thru the thin set we did in the living room. I had to chase him thru the house and try to get it off his paws. No that was not a fun evening!

Speaking of stairs the flooring guys were nice enough to leave us a path to upstairs though the boys know NOT to even go near there. I can just picture one of them falling in it. EEK!

So yes, we feel defeated but at the same time we feel major relief! Trust me this was suppose to be a total DIY project and that was the only way it was gonna work but thankfully we got a hook up from a pal. He gave us the number of the guy he used and that person lays floors for a living for the builders. We just could not pass up his quote to not only level the floors for us but to actually finish the gluing of the floors for us! Tomorrow morning they will be back to start glueing and trust me when I say it will be well worth all the hot dogs and PB&J sand whiches we will be eating in the next few months!

Hope your week has been a grand one!


  1. No shame in passing on the torch to someone who can assist you. The floors are gonna be gorgeous. Save you time and effort for other the Chandy.....that's looking awesome!

  2. Don't think of it as defeat, think of it as progress. I don't know when our pro are coming yet but we are looking forward to their arrival.

  3. Just think of the end result....beautiful floors, amazing home : )

  4. Hey, Pamela. What an ordeal this has been for you. I know it starts to wear on you after a while and three months is a long time. The end is almost here! Then you'll have your brand new floors! Maybe it'll be like having a baby and you won't remember all the pain and struggle! LOL!


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