Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Molding for The Dining Room

Yes, I know you are probably wondering just how many more posts this week I can get out of our dining room but let me assure you this will  be the last one till we actually get something completed in here. 

Okay said dining room Yawn boring. I have been tossing back and fourth for lil' over a year now adding molding to the bottom half of the chair rail in here. The Hubbys always cringed but now that the dining room is essentially torn apart I figured now is as good of time as any to attempt some type of molding in here.

I have had this pic in my inspiration file for like ever! I actually had it because I loved the paint color and had not yet decided on a paint color for our dining room. Yes, I would certainly take this dining room in a heart beat to include the chandy! Wonder if they would mind giving it to me cause it is exactly what I have been looking for but on a peanut butter and jelly budget. Anyways, this is standard picture molding and it is what The Hubster prefers. I do like it a lot but I want something a bit different. Yes, I like being different and The Hubster says no I like being difficult!;)

So searching the world wide web I found this pic. I apologize but for some reason I can not find whose pic this is!! I thought I saved all the blogs my search took me to but for some reason I lost this one. If ya know please let me know so I can give credit! Anyways I love the board and batten treatment but I am refusing to tear one more thing up in our house so our current chair railing MUST stay so this will not work. Still really loving it though!

That brought me to Thrifty Decor Chic and her sons big boy room reno. She used lattice strips from Home Depot to create this board and batten treatment. I have had this in my file for over a year and I honestly have been trying to hunt down said lattice strips with no such luck. Seriously I do not know why Home Depot does not carry the same lumber supplies in every store! It is very frustrating because I then found Courtney over at And Then There Was Home. She was in the process of creating a board and batten treatment in her office and found some bender board at Home Depot that she used to turn her office into master piece! After seeing it I quickly threw the boys in the car and rushed over to our Home Depot thinking I had finally found something that would work because Courtney lives just south of us and surely if her Home Depot carried said bender board ours would too. NOPE!!!

I ended up at Lowes just to see what if anything I could come up with cause I know it is now or never on creating a wall treatment for in here. I did not find any wood lattice strips but what I did find was an 8 ft long piece of PVC lattice that was white and paintable. At $5 a strip though it is more than what I am wanting to spend but it works and so I brought it home and created the single strip design like Thrifty Decor Chic and well The Hubster said he did not like it. He thinks it looks like an after thought in the dinning room though he likes it in the room Thrifty Decor did! Urgh! I do not want the molding to look like an after thought I want it to look like a french country farm house and though I know in my hearts of hearts it would look lovely I set out on a mission tonight to come up with a differ design that we could both hopefully be happy with that will still cost lil' to accomplish and cost The Hubster the least amount of his time.
This is what I came up with. Sorry for the poor pic quality. It was after 10 pm. I am thinking this design will certainly work. I would have done it all the way down the wall but I only had two 8 ft strips and can only get three smaller strips out of each of them so this is as good as it gets till I decide for sure on the design.  I am really thinking this may be it and yes I really should have been in the dining room scrapping the floor clean but my OCD and ADD kicked in yet again!:) Sigh...

And yet as if I needed another idea I found tonight Amy's molding project over at A Little Piece of Heaven. Her dining room turned out just lovely but she used the elusive wooden lattice strips from Home Depot as well!! Urghhhhh you Home Depot!! You should really head over to Amy's cause not only did she do this beautiful wall treatment she also has done several others in her foyer and in a bathroom that are gorgeous!

Off to obsess some more abt this and to stick the strips back on the wall so The Hubster can see them in the morning on his way out the door to work. I just heard them popping off the wall! I guess Duck tape doesn't stay stuck to everything.

Oh, and if you are heading back here for Weigh IN Wednesday I will have that post up later in the after noon Wednesday. I am still working on it. 


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments and for featuring me on your blog. If you can find those lattice strips in the lumber section, then you will not be dissapointed with this project. Tell your hubby to stick with it through the painting process. That is where it all comes together. I still love it every time I go in there. Good luck!
    ***and yes, we love our floors and feel very blessed that we did not have to lay them ourselves!

  2. Amy you are too funny! Sure The Hubster will stick thru the painting process cause he does NOT paint! It's all me!:) He will need to cut for me.
    Thanx for stopping by! I tried responding to you personally but your email kicked back my response. Have a great week and thanx for stopping by!

  3. I'm sure you'll come up with something you both can live with, Pamela! I don't understand why they don't have the same things from location to location.

  4. Hello! I found you from Wow Us Wednesdays! I'm now a follower of yours and can completely identify with you on the mess of trying to do things with your home! We are having a wedding/picnic at our home in a week and everything is a mess!
    I hope you stop by when you have a free minute!


  5. I wish stores would carry exactly what you were looking for. ; ) You have the idea in your mind, the stores should have it, right?!!

    I'm so excited to see it all complete. I'm sure you will too. You always do such an amazing job.

  6. I love the board and batten look, and the pics you have posted are gorgeous. I do think your dining room is lovely, love your chandy


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