Monday, June 13, 2011

Crane or Egret?

I have a fascination with Cranes and Egrets. Every year I try my hardest to capture pictures of them while on vacation. I think they are just beautiful birds. My mom enjoys them as well so warning LOTS of pictures up ahead for mom!:)

This fella I spied in the marsh while on our dolphin cruise.

This guy was just hanging at the boat dock. He actually staid there for almost two hours! He was there when we left and there when we arrived back.

Now this fella is the show stopper because well he decided to pose for me! 

Just a minute while I get ready for my photo op.

Bring on the breeze for effect.

This is my good side and the light is just right.

You can come a lil' closer.

Come to find out that this fella is actually a Blue Heron and not a Crane or an Egret.

Yawn! This is a tad boring for me.

I did have a zoom lense but this guy was so close that I could really almost walk up to him and touch him. I guess they grow accustom to us being around because none of the Herons were ever phased by people.

The boys have grown to love these birds as well! One evening one flew by Littliest and other children were being prodded by their parents to try and catch it. Some even threw stuff at it so Littliest ran up and told them to stop and held his arms out wide in front of the Heron to protect it. I was so proud of him and ticked at the adults for egging their children on.

So regal and elegant.

Time to fly.

I'm outta here.

Till we meet again and we did. He was on the beach almost every morning . He liked to hang out by the fishermen in hopes of getting a treat.
Thanx Nana for letting me know he was there! 

P.s. Please note that these pictures are from my personal collection taken by me. Please do not borrow or take without asking.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos Pamela! They really do have an elegance about them, don't they? Good for littleist for protecting them and shame on those parents. Sheesh!

  2. Pamela, you got some great shots. We have a great blue heron that visits or pond for a snack.

  3. What a gorgeous guy he is (or she?). The pics make me just smell the salt and feel the breeze blowing. Thanks for sharing!


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