Wednesday, April 20, 2011

State of Affairs

So this is my life as of right now. 

Stuff everywhere, dust on EVERYTHING and sanity almost completely lost.

A bit of progress has been made. We need to go and get a Rotating Hammer to get the job done. As I look around at all of the mess I have to remind myself that thus far we have accomplished all of our goals and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday evening we were able to get half of the living room floored. It was a must that we be able to get the t.v. and the couch back in the room so we could get some normalcy back. As you can see we went horizontal with the flooring!:)

We finished the fireplace LATE Saturday night.

We ran into some trouble with how to frame out the fireplace. I did not want to use any transitions if at all possible. It seemed that with the slight uneveness of the fireplace in the front we were going to have to.

Ran to Lowes and came up with this solution. I was really only wanted to use two rows but it requires three so three it is. 

I think it will turn out just lovely...I hope.
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Off to Lowes for some more tile so we can get back to the floor! I can't wait to have a complete reveal!


  1. That is looking beautiful! We just stripped and re-stained an old fireplace mantle that my dad rescued from an old house that was going to be demolished. I'll post about that soon. Your's is looking great and I love your floors. I think the border around the fireplace is going to look just fine!! Great job!

  2. Pam everything is looking beautiful!! I love the floors so far and that fireplace....WOW girl!!! I love the border. You are getting closer, hang in there! :)

  3. Lookin' good ma'am!!
    Can't wait for the big reveal.

  4. I know it's frustrating to live in a construction zone, but it is looking really good.
    I like how you oriented the wooden floor.
    And yes, this too shall pass!

  5. Pamela that was me a month ago. I was pulling my hair out. Oh, and I had a brand new baby. What was I thinking! It's all worth it in the end though. I LOVE my new floors. You will love yours too. Stay focused!

  6. Oh my friend! That fireplace looks just stunning and I can totally envision how it is all going to turn out. Gorgeous! Hang in there with the mayhem and madness and can I just tell you that I cracked up seeing the bunny standing proudly amidst everything in the first photo! :-)

  7. Gorgeous!! Can you tell me what you are using to hang your drapes? I have plantation shutters and need something like this in between the shutters on the wall part, beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  8. This room is going to look great. I love your fireplace...just beautiful!


  9. It's me again, and thanks for sending me the link that I never thanked you for. Anyhoo, another question. We are looking at putting wood down also because of all the drama with our stained concrete and keep being told that we need to put a layer of plywood down first. It doesn't look like your having to? We are on a concrete foundation, and yours looks to be concrete to? What type of wood are ya'll putting down? It looks great, and we have to do something soon. Love your new "stone" fireplace!


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