Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Mom Cave!

This is what my "Mom Cave" looks like as of tonight! The desk finally came out of the garage over the weekend which thrilled me to no end. It still needs a crystal knob  and I need to find fab for the chair but none the less I am loving it! At the same time though with the desk now in its new home the rest of the room was driving me INSANE! All I could think about was moving stuff around so  I got another wild hair after putting the boys down at 9 pm and the rest is history.

This was my desk area. I have had this desk for goodness well over 8 years now. It has been a good desk but alas all good things come to an end.

I truly will miss this desk though! Oldest did some graffiti on it back when he was 3 and believe it or not I was soo not upset abt it in the  least. This little fella always made me smile when I was sewing.

This is the new area for the cutting table and ironing board. The ironing board does not quite flow yet but adjustments will be made once I get a chance to organize everything. I think  I am really wanting to find a board that attaches to the wall and folds down like in the olden days. Not even sure they make such a thing anything more.

This shelf is a local yard sale site find and I was soo excited to get it! It is in like new condition and I paid half of what I would have paid for it new. It will go above the cutting table on the wall.

This is the scariest closet I have ever seen! Okay maybe not ever but it is pretty bad. Please don't judge me and keep in mind I was already in the midst of my redo!;)

Here is as far as I got this evening. I had to quite but I will get to that in a few moments.

This little area was well just a mess. I am currently working on a few orders and well things tend to get tossed on top of that there shelving unit.

This is what it looks like tonight after some determination and hard headedness! The buffet came out of the closet and will be painted finally after 8 years of having no identity. The hutch actually goes to the desk but I think it will look quite lovely here once the buffet gets painted and well um other things done to it.

See ya know it is time to quite when something like this happens!! Yes, that is the back footing to the buffet and yes I was hard headed and instead of taking the hutch off of the buffet I decided I could move it down the wall a teensy tiny bit on my own. On a positive note though I did move it down!:) Shhhh! Don't tell The Hubster! I am saving it for the weekend!;) I think it could use some fancier feet anyways! Papa are ya out there!?;)

I have been blog hopping these past few weeks and have seen several posts abt HomeGoods teaming up with some popular bloggers and giving away some gift cards. I have sadly enough missed I think every one of those!:( I was in HomeGoods this week though and Littliest and I both LOVE this chair to no end. Littliest sits in it every time we go in to look around. He likes it cause it is blue and soft. I love it cause it has some bling to it! In a dream world I would put it in the corner of the room with a little table by its side.

Now this rug could actually happen! I think it is just as darling as darling can be and at $60 not a bad deal but still more than I want to spend on a rug right now. If y'all know of any other bloggers out there doing a HomeGoods giveaway PLEASE let me know! I would be so ever grateful!:)  
 So there ya have it! This is what I have been up to in between working on some orders, daily routines and keeping up with the men folk. I know it will not be till after the holidays till I get it all completely organized the way I want it and probably not till the spring till I can get to painting the room...think pink... but I wanted to share anyways. I have soo many thoughts running through my head but this is the last room of the house on the priority list. Just means I can get a few more posts out of it!;) Hope your week is going well!


  1. Hi Pamela! Your 'mom cave' is making me feel right at home:) I haven't seen any home goods giveaways but will be on the lookout now. Have fun fixing up your room, I think that can be the funnest part of having your own creative space!

  2. Looking good!!! Ask for the chair for Christmas -- it's FABULOUS!!! :)

  3. Hey girl! Well, I am just so impressed that you even have a room to have as your mom cave! I have to drag my sewing machine out of a closet and down the stairs anytime I want to use you can imagine I don't use it very often! I'm sooooo glad you showed the room in this stage. It is one of the reasons I like know how to keep it real and show all facets of life! :-)

  4. I don't think there's a option...if you're creative you're going to have a messy space. I STRIVE for order but you have to be able to SEE what you're working with and that often creates chaos!
    So don't worry you'll get it all organized and cute!
    BTW I just saw that chair at TJ Maxx and loved it! I have to drive from OKC to Dallas to go to a Home Goods! It's just NOT fair!

  5. Oh, and I meant to tell you your blog looks great! I love the border around your side bar!

  6. Love the mom cave. May need to make one for myself soon. Stop by my blog to see what I made. Not even close to what you can do...but it's a start : )

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your mom cave is looking good!! LOVE that desk!! :)


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your mom cave is looking good!! LOVE that desk!! :)


  9. Hey that room has tons of potential! Love the desk and chair!

  10. Organized chaos. Just like me!!! My upstairs family room gets all my stuff dumped into it but it's out of sight and the dog doesn't care.

    What caught my eye was all those incredible fabrics!!! Oh, I love your good "stuff."

  11. By the looks of your Mom Cave....we could be besties :)
    That lil store I blogged about is located just minutes out of Baton Rouge. I would love to meet you there if you are ever passing thru. Enjoy your cave ;)


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