Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Like....

A bomb went off around here!! (If you are a family member please DO NOT study this pic closely! I just noticed a present I have sitting out! Oops!)

But I am making a ton of progress!

I still need a few things like fresh Christmas tree.

This beautiful gal is a new addition for me this year. I am also eyeing some GIANT nut crackers I found at CVS yesterday!! They are literally the same height as Littliest and I must get at least one. They are just $30 which is an awesome deal but I have a feeling they will go on sale next week so the thrifter that I am will wait though it is killing me!;)

I totally changed up our mantel this year with just an extra $3! Can't wait to share all of the finished spaces! They will have to wait till after turkey day though!;)

And this is for those of you who were asking if those HobLob rods really hold a ton of clothes! Why yes,yes they do! This is just a small sampling of what they will hold all at once! Just make sure to use proper wall anchors.
 I probably will not be posting anything in the upcoming week so I hope that y'all have a wonderful friend, family, blessing filled Thanksgiving!!


  1. You are, certainly, getting in the holiday spirit! Thank you for stopping by, Pamela. Come back and check out my "NOEL" Seashell letter giveaway. It would look perfect with your other decor! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I think my den looks like that when I first open my containers up, Pamela! I am always looking for those things that always wind up being at the bottom to do those rooms first.

  3. I think my den looks like that when I first open my containers up, Pamela! I am always looking for those things that always wind up being at the bottom to do those rooms first.

  4. It's going to look wonderful when all your great Christmas stuff is put in place. I always get a bit anxious with the before and after messes.

  5. Okay, what's with all this Hobby Lobby goodness that we're missing out here in California??? HobLob is ALL OVER the blogs...and I'm starting to feel a bit jealous. ;)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Pamela!

  6. You are getting there girl!! Have a great weekend!!!

  7. I hate that part of pulling out my decorations! You are ahead of the game! Thanks for stopping by today!
    looks like you ahve great stuff!!

  8. Pamela! That is how my house has looked for almost 2 weeks! No joke! Serious bomb explosion...I wish I would have snapped a pic of it too. I think we should all do before and after photos that show how crazy our homes get before they get all pretty again, don't you? :-)

  9. Looks FUN!! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. Love the rods in your laundry room! (and the great piece of furniture you redid!) I like to do some of that as well. I SO need to work on my laundry room: wanted it done for today, but that sooo didn't happen.
    Nice meeting you and looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor!

  10. Oh, I so want to start decorating. But we always begin the Friday after Thanksgiving.
    Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, my friend.

  11. My house will look like that Friday! I love your star. I can't wait to see all your decor. I think I might have to hit up Hobby Lobby for some of those rods.

  12. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too. Your house looks like mine. So much to do. I am featuring your laundry room in my upcoming feature post tomorrow. So come by and grab a feature button if you want.

  13. Oh my- can I relate!! Our house is looking much the same-Can't wait to see the beautiful decorations all up in their places! Btw- I will email you about the drapes for the bedroom! :)


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