Thursday, June 3, 2010

WhooHoo Wednesday

Edited Note 9/24/10: I am linking up to Inspiration Fridays over at Vanessa's. I do not have a current project but this is one of my fave that I am still working on.I figure some of my new pals may not have seen it before.  I am still working on curtains and working on finding an old china cabinet and working on finding a yellow blanket that does not cost $50 for the foot of the bed. It takes me a lil' while to finish whole projects due to my jumping from one to the next. Am I the only one who does this!? They need a support group for this.
Also linking up to Featherd Nest Fridays over at French Country Cottage! Thanx for the invite Courtney!
Okay the boys are upstairs playing so I have a moment to get this post done. It is not like I do not have anything else on my huge list to be doing but I wanted to participate in the last Whoo Hoo Wednesday for the summer over at Marla's!
Quite a few years back, 8 to be exact, The Hubster and I had just moved in to our very first home that we built from ground up. Well not us personally but you know what I mean. We had so much fun picking out everything and seeing it come together but after we moved in we looked around said hey our home is kinda empty and sparse. We had no real bedroom furniture and at the time could not find a set we wanted to spend big bucks on. One day I was looking thru my Country Living Magazine and saw a headboard made from a door! I knew I had to have one and to my surprise The Hubster was right on board with the project. It only took him a weekend and me a week or two to paint it.

Here is the headboard. Before we had Littliest she wound up out in the garage and spent the next four years in there. We had refused to sell her and I am soo glad we did not!
This is what she became just a few short weeks ago. I am sooo loving the red color! All I did was sanded her down to get the poly off and then painted her with Cherry Tomato I think it was. It is by SW. After that I sanded her again and went over her with some stain to bring out the distressed areas and to deepen the red color. After that I used some rub on poly instead of brush on or spray on. I really like it and it is super easy to use. Just be sure to war gloves unlike me!
As you can see the headboard was the inspiration piece for the entire mother-in-law suite and thus far I think it is coming along nicely. It will be some time before it is finished completely but the hunt for the perfect accessories is what makes it all the more fun!

This is my fave corner. The rack is something that has been in our garage as well. I built it for my craft shows to hang my bibs from. It looks awesome when I use it for that but decided it would work in here too. I figured it would be a great spot for the moms to hang their purses and what not from when they come. I am trying to decide on what to do to add some life to that there bunny lamp. I keep going back and fourth between ric rac or pom pom trim.

Here is a view from the rocking chair. A you can see by now The Hubster loved me so much this past weekend that he bought me the Ralph Lauren bed skirt I had been wanting and an extra one to tear apart since I was not finding the fab anywhere. It is the only thing I have splurged on thus far for in here but sometimes ya just gotta splurge to get the look you are wanting. I am going to be hunting down some more fabs to mix in and also will be making some pillows for the bed to tie it all in better. Also picture a yellow quilt or blanket at the foot of the bed.

Here is what ya see when you walk in the room. Needs some loving but I have big plans! The curtains I will be going in a differ direction with. I am on the hunt for two shutters for either side of the window. The curtains will be long and flowy with ruffles at the top of all the differ fabs I will be using in here. I will hang um from a standard rod. I am also on the hunt for a two door china cabinet that will be painted and distressed in black. It will store some pretties and a small tv!
Okay enough play time for me. Back to the chores on my list! Have a great day ya'll!


  1. Love the red, Pamela! The bedskirt looks lovely, too. I like how it brings the red from the headboard down.

  2. I love your new headboard, Pamela~! red was the perfect color.. your room is looking sooooooooooo good.

    During my building years I constructed 17 single family dwellings. I always looked forward to the evenings when they owners would drive by to see what had been accomplished that day. it never could go fast enough for them even though we tried to work 14 hour days. No matter the age of the people- closing day, when I put the keys in their hot little hands was the Best. congrats on your new home.


  3. It has been so much fun watching your room come together! I am loving all your projects and the color choices! Too bad we aren't closer...I have extra shutters from the shelf could have them! Hope your having a sweet day :)

  4. Looking soo good! And I think the shutters will be perfect!!!

  5. I love the red bed skirt. I have always loved red and blue together. Thanks for sharing your photos! I really enjoy stopping by!


  6. I love the red door headboard and with red being my favorite color that is a great idea.

  7. Woo Hoo! sister!! I love what you've done so far in your MIL suite. It's gorgeous and I can definitely "see" your vision in the room. Can't wait to see the end result.

  8. I LOVE it in RED Pamela! It's just fantastic and so precioius! :)

  9. Love the room! What did you use to make the hat/purse rack in the corner? I need something in my daughter's room and this would be perfect!. She has so many hats and purses and she is only 8 aarrgh... Thanks, Karie

  10. Hi Pamela! Thanks so much for coming and joining the party again this week! What a great Headboard! You guys did an awesome job with it and I absolutely love the red! Thanks for being such a great friend here in blogland! :-)

  11. Stopping by from Inspiration Friday! Love the red headboard!! I hate to get rid of anything, too! I just know there will be some use for it later. You made a great room!

  12. Hi Pamela,
    Love the red on that headboard!! Fabulous! It looks great with the dust ruffle and blue too. I'm having a decorating inspiration party over at my blog this weekend if you would like to join in! :)

  13. Thanks for joining in Pamela!! Love that headboard!! :)


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