Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Florida Vacation

Last week we were away. We were away on our vacation that I had planned since December. After three reservation switches one of which happened just a day before we left we ended up in West Panama City Beach. We were not sure what to expect since we have always been to Perdido Key/Gulf Shores. Sadly we were not able to vacation there due to the oil spill reaching the shores just days before we were to leave. My heart truly goes out to all those involved!! We were lucky enough though to out run the oil. We were not sure for how long but if we could just get a few days of oil free beach in we were considering it a major blessing. We wanted to see it just one more time.

We watched several storms roll in which was truly a site to see!

We did some Pirate Cruising which was wayyyy OVER crowded and wayyyyy HOT but enjoyed by the kiddos. I highly recommend it if you go. We also saw some dolphins while out there so there was no need for a dolphin cruise.

We sadly watched somebodies beach home go up in flames. We were on the 14th floor but really the 18th since there was four levels of parking underneath the complex. This home was across the street from us. The Hubster busted out the zoom lens. It took them pretty much all day to get it taken care of. We thought that we had just seen it happen but when The Nana went down to have the front desk call 911 they said it had been on fire for an hour already.

We did ...well the boys did...a lil' bungee jumping.

We did some tilt a whirling which by the way was not a fave of mine.

Then we did some Ferris wheeling which again was not a fave of mine but like a good mommy does I sucked it up and went. Littliest has been asking to go to a carnival for ever and a day ya know like the ones they set up in The Sams parking lot?! We always say no but when we saw a small carni that was permanent we figured why not. It was a dream come true again not for me but the boys. I can live the rest of my life without doing any of those rides ever again really trust me when I say that. Did I mention I was the lucky one to partake in the festivities well because I am The Mommy and well my boys do nothing without me. Gotta love um. The Hubster and The Papa got to sit on the sidelines which really in all reality was not that great since it was sooo freaking hot out.

Attempted to stuff one of these into my purse as a souvenir but sadly enough it would not fit. The Nana attempted one in hers as well since I needed two but again it did not fit. I wanted them to hang in my baskets on the sides of the garage. They were just gorgeous!
Did some four wheel dreaming....

to include the big boys while we stopped at none other than The Bass Pro Shop. Yes, my boys have some red neck in them. They get it honest with their parents being from Georgia. Well The Hubster's side any ways. I am technically a Yankee to The Papa's dismay! Ha!

We were so grateful and thankful that we were blessed with an entire week of crystal clear water and white sand beaches! We just knew by Wed that it was going to be over with but the winds changed and pushed the oil back towards the west.
If you are wanting to still head to the gulf before the oil hits I say go for it! Just keep checking the updates on a daily if not several times daily basis. It was a lot of work and rather stressful but in the end well worth it! We love the gulf and have dreams of one day owning our own condo on the coast but for those people who live there now and are affected by this huge mess already please continue to pray for them and all the wild life! A miracle is truly needed!!
As for my thoughts on West Panama City Beach, it was different from what we are use to. LOTS and LOTS of people and the atmosphere is different. We loved our condo though and Ms. Kathy the owner was just super sweet! If WPCB is spared we will definitely be back there next year. The condo was gorgeous and not crowded at all nor was our portion of the beach. I am guessing that all the people every where were at the larger higher density complexes at least that is all we could figure because again there were people EVERYWHERE! If you are looking to go that way and need a three bedroom condo let me know and I will give ya Ms. Kathy's info! She actually has three condos in the same building with openings still.
Hope your week is going well! No new project posts. I have had tummy issues since we got home Saturday and am just now starting to feel better. We actually were able to make a short trip to the mall today for a little shopping since we did not get any in on our vacation. Bath & Body is having a HUGE sale and there are coupons floating around. If ya need one let me know!


  1. Glad you all had a great trip. Looks like so much fun. Their little faces say it all.
    Didn't know you all had family in GA. That is where Buster is from. He's a huge GA Bulldog fan.
    That is so sad about that house burning. Hated to see that.
    ♥ Joy

  2. Pamela!! I was just about to email you! I'm sorry you're still not feeling too well. Have you tried some Chick-Fil-A medicine? :)

    I LOVED reading about your trip. Those flowers WERE gorgeous! (Next time take a bigger purse!!!) And the water was so beautiful. I am SO glad the beaches were so nice; I know you were really worried about it.

    Your boys are adorable and look like they were having the time of their lives. Thanks to their brave Mommy. :)

    Glad you guys are home safely. :)

  3. Pamela, those are beautiful photographs. So glad you were able to enjoy the beach before the oil hits. It is so very sad.

    Sure wish I had a couple of those hanging baskets, too!


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