Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sorry I have not been around in a few days. Not much happening around here. We are waiting on some white stuff if ya can believe that!? Crazy I say! Not sure what we will get. It is now 41 and dropping with light rain. The boys are super excited and want to go out and play in it if it starts after dark. The cool mom I am will appease!:)

I was thinking this was as late snow has ever fallen around here but after a little research...gotta love google...I found out it snowed back in 1932 I think it was on March 10. Now that is crazy! So if it does snow we will not be breaking any records this time around. That is unless we get 20 inches or more. That has not happened since 1895 which ironically is when they started keeping track.:)
Have a good one and be sure to go over to the sidebar and take a look at the Giveaway section. I believe all three end tonight.


  1. Very cool! I'm hoping for snow here in the Houston Heights! I love the "header" on the blog? Did you make that....the flowers against the chippy wood is very nice. :) I'm hoping,especially for your boys sake, that you get snow today.

  2. I hope you get snow! I'm up in the Austin area, and boy, did we get it. My kids were so happy! Wishing the same happiness and joy to your family!

  3. We had a blizzard here on April 13th many years ago. I cannot remember what year. I know my kids were still in elementary school or middle. First we had blowing sleet and then eight inches of snow on about three inches of ice. Now I live where snow is not common, so it can happen even in the spring here.

  4. Love me some google, HA!! I think it should be a new verb, "just google it".

    Hope you get some snow. You might have disappointed children.

  5. I wonder if that's the snow they say we might get Thursday p.m. into Friday. I can't remember a winter when we had so much snow; although, I do remember a year we had snow on Easter!

  6. I know! I can't believe we are suppose to get snow again! This has been the strangest Winter. My little boy is so excited! Take care and stay warm!

    Lee Laurie


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