Monday, January 11, 2010

What is IT!?

While walking thru HomeGoods today I stumbled upon this...this thing. At first I was like what the heck is IT and how ugly IT was. Then I thought how unique and interesting IT was. I had to have IT. $20 was a little much for IT but again I decided I HAD to have IT. Not sure what I will do with IT. I thought about making a dining room table scape with IT. I thought about hanging IT on the wall with one of the frames I have. I even have thought about making a wreath with IT. What do you think I should do with IT?
I mentioned in my previous post that I had finally found my motivation thankfully! since then I have completed several projects. One of which was a two parter and a big one. This past weekend I finished taking down all holiday so I could get our living room back to normal and toy free. For it to be toy free meant I had to finally break down and organize the play room. I mean its only been 6 months since we moved in I figured it was time. I won;t bore ya pics of it but it is finally done and I love walking up the stairs and past it now.

Speaking of walking up the stairs I finally finished this project! I started it oh about four months ago. Why did it take so long you may be asking? Well it started off as a vinyl but it refused to stay stuck to our over textured walls. I hated to just take it down because well I paid like $16 for it and secondly I loved the phrase and how it was on the way up the stairs. So instead of chucking the entire idea I decided that I would trace the letters on the wall. After that I painstakingly painted in each and every letter with a paint pen. It was not easy. If you look close you may be able to tell it is a little crooked and the letter a is lopsided. After I noticed that I almost just painted over it all. Then I decided hey it doesn't have to be perfect. God loves us no matter what and since I loved this phrase I decided I was keeping it and finishing it.

Here is my other vinyl project. It was about three months overdue. I had actually taped it up there and it fell down so I forgot all about it. It seems to be sticking a bit better than the stairway one. I have many more projects I would like to accomplish this year and I will be making a list. I think I will break it down by month so that way I won't forget them all and I will feel some sense of accomplishment.
So what did you do this weekend? Hope it was a good one!

Oh I almost forgot, my pics should start getting better! Santa had brought me a Nikon as an early Christmas present but after a month of using it I decided I did NOT really like it. User error I am sure but thankfully Costco has 90 return policy on them. This past weekend we went and purchased a Canon Rebel and I am in LOVE. It is suppose to not be as good as the Nikon but I just like it better. The Hubster just shook his head. The colors are truer, it is lighter weight, and it takes pics faster without freezing up.


  1. You've been a busy bee. Love the way your projects - wall words- turned out. The birds nest is interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Hugs, Your bloggy mom

  2. Love what you've done. I have the same clock, as you! =) Thanks for sharing! ~Liz

  3. Pamela you are too funny with your new "IT"! It's very pretty whatever it may be.

    LOVE you laundry room! I see we have so many of the same things like the Kirklands lamp and topiary. You home is just gorgeous!

    Blessings. ~Melissa :)

  4. Thanx Liz! I have had that clock for years. If ya look closely you can see it is missing its hands. They feel off and I put them some where so they would not get lost. Well who knows where that is!;)

  5. Thanx Melissa! Imagine all the trouble we all could into if there ever was a huge bloggy land shopping extraveganza!

  6. I just found your blog through Girly Stuff, I have the Canon Rebel XSI and I love it!! Cute blog!!!


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