Thursday, January 7, 2010

Motivation or The Lack There Of

It is the 7th day of the New Year. 7th day of a new decade and well honestly I have had no motivation what so ever to do anything. I hate to admit it but it is true. I tried thinking about all the fresh new starts/projects I could be doing but that made me feel very overwhelmed. Don't know why but they just did. I even tried getting motivation from my fellow bloggers but was not interested.
Today was the first day that Oldest and Littliest both are back at school. Today is the first day all three of my men have been out of the house. The Hubster went back to work on Monday after a two month hiatus from work due to his sleep apnea. Truth be told I was use to him being around. I was use to my kids being off of school for two weeks. I use to not being alone.
After dropping Littliest off at school this morning I decided to make a trip to HobLob in hopes of finding something to make a Valentine wreath with. Yes, Santa is still on the front door. I said I have been unmotivated ya'll. Anyways, not much in the way of Valentines inspiration as of yet. I continued down the isles and what did I find but three isles of 66% off !! I suddenly remembered what fun it is to alone! I spent an entire hour sifting thru it all. The last isle was like 80% off and look what I found!
Three frames for my one day wall of frames between the kitchen and the dining room. The black colored one I stumbled upon first and at just $6 I said sure since it was a differ shape from ones I already had. Then the the best part of it all were the bottom two frames. They were get this just $1!!!! Can you believe it!! I dug thru every frame there to make sure I had the only $1 ones there were and I do believe I did.
Not only did a trip to HobLob make me realize that it is good to be alone but it also motivated me! HobLob saved the day!
I came home and was having some soup for lunch because it is well really cold outside. I was browsing blogland and stopped over at Shanty2Chic and saw their post on redoing their bathroom mirrors. I have been wanting to do this as well and have seen these kits but never saw them actually up. I do believe my reward for finishing up the great holiday take down will be a trip to Home Depot. I almost ran right down there but stopped myself and said I needed to accomplish something.
I went to the Home Depot site to see pricing on the faux frames and came across this mirror. I LOVE this mirror for above our fireplace. I DON'T love the $179 price tag though. Then it dawned on me why I loved this mirror.

It is very similar to the one that was tucked away in our master closet. I had the idea to use it above the fireplace but for whatever just placed it in the closet after we moved in. It actually goes to my dresser but we took it off because we needed a spot for the tv.

I think it will work. Let me tell ya it was NOT easy getting it up there. It weighs a TON and I figured The Hubster would come home after getting calls from the kids school and find me knocked out on the living room floor with a mirror on top of me. I was determined though. No wait I was motivated! I was thinking of painting it white but The Hubster would have a fit I know. So now the plan is to faux fireplace. Should not take long to do at all but I must again finish the great holiday take down first.
I am now in the process of shopping the house to see if I have any pretties that I like for on the fireplace mantel. So far not finding much but I am sure I will find something somewhere.
Hope that ya'll are having a wonderful New Year and New Decade thus far and that you have NOT felt as unmotivated as me. If you have no big deal! Just get out there and make your self do something you usually love and I promise you feel soo much better!


  1. Sooo nice to see ya again! I have a very similar mirror in my entry. See, honey, it only takes one little push to get you motivated for lots of great projects. Those frames were a steal!

    Now, about the being home alone thing. I had a HORRIBLE time when my youngest was in kindergarten. I just had the hardest time being alone in an empty house every day. I would drop her at school, go to the gym and workout, visit with my gym buddies then go shopping till it was time to pick her up from school and then do a mad dash to catch up on chores. EVERY DAY! Can you just imagine. Well,at that rate I ran out of money but had credit cards. My daughters had the best wardrobes during that time, LOL. You get the picture....I was a mess and hubby didn't even know. Worse mess. I finally had a reality check with myself before I put us in the poor house. Learn from my mistakes.

  2. That is one of the reasons why I was NOT going out shopping. I always find something at a great deal. I have fallen in that trap as well when my boys were little and in preschool. They were the best dressed lil' guys. Now I can't get um to wear jeans sweater vests and converse sneakers. That is why i need a lil' girl!;)

  3. Thanx Melissa! Its still a work in progress but it is getting there. The Hubster came home and said he liked it!;)

  4. Love your blog!! I'll be back.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. Gorgeous! Isn't it funny how we find the strength to move anything we need to decorate? Your blog is very nice. Saw you on the "Texas Blogging Gal" list.

  6. I really like it up there! It would look cute with a wreath hanging in front of it. Or the IT think you bought in the middle of a wreath?

  7. Thanx Girly Stuff! It will be staying. Now just trying to decided how to faux the surround and I do think IT will become a wreath. I am thinking a HobLob trip is required this week.


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