Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a mess....

Hey ya'll! Hope your Tuesday has been a good one thus far and that ya are having fun checking out all the beautiful homes on tour. There are soooo many that I have been adding book marks to my inspiration file because I will never be able to find them on my own again!

Today has been a busy day. Littliest and I ran to Ulta because I ran out of my makeup. Figured it would be a quick in and out. Boy was I wrong! Took 30 minutes in line almost. After that we headed to Hobby Lobby thinking the worse. I needed to pick up a few more things to make my mom a Christmas gift and to finish up the teacher gifts. Surprisingly enough we were in and out of HobLob! That is almost unheard of.
After we picked up Oldest from school I tried to bribe the boys into staying with The Hubster while I ran to WM for a few groceries but that did not go over well. Ended up we all just stayed home. Littliest took a nap while Oldest and The Hubster watched The Discovery Channel.
I made a HUGE mess finishing up the teacher gifts and making my mom one. She said there really was not anything she wanted from a store to just make her a tassel or something. Since the tassel embellishments are not on sale yet I made her a Vintage Santa frame for now. I did find a cute little bird to make her tassel with though once I can collect all the right color scheme in supplies.

This is my huge mess! The Hubster asked me if I had an entire room for just sewing why on earth I felt led to take over the dining room too!;)

Here are the finished frames. I think they turned out pretty nice. It took a little longer than had hoped. I got frustrated with bows and gave up on them. I am glad I had those rhinestone thingys what ever they are called. I think they work. The gold one in the back is moms...shhhh! The two red ones are for Littliest to take to school and then I distressed the white frame with some Rubnbuff for Oldest to take to his teacher. I am also adding some chocolate covered pretzels to their bags. I hope that is enough!? They work so hard with our kids! There are 20 kids in Oldest's class and no aid. Can you imagine!!??
Well have a wonderful rest of the evening. I need to clean up from dinner, get the boys a shower, and do our Christmas cards after they go to bed. Here is hoping for some sunshine tomorrow! We have had 4 days of rainy cold weather and three days straight of fog all day long! Yuck!


  1. The frames turned out great!

  2. Hello...I found your blog and it is inspirational.How did you get your playlist on you blog. I am having a problem, is there a secret.


  3. The frames look terrific! The boys' teachers will be thrilled, I'm sure! GREAT JOB!!! :)

  4. How GORGEOUS are your frames!!!
    LOVE them! Great work! :)

  5. These frames did turn out really pretty.
    Glad you shared them with us

  6. Girl! Your table looks just like mine. I love those frames...pretty pretty. My table has frams too! I made 10 yesterday for my daughters friends. I will show yall soon...maybe ...if I can ever get them finished..haha. Have a great weekend~

  7. Those are gorgeous I hope you post it to my Monday party-Its So Very Creative

    I have had so many Google problems-and it isn't over-Google has no idea how to solve the problem.
    Sorry I haven't been by much-I decided after weeks and weeks of non-stop Google issues, I am throwing my hands up and making much needed visits.
    I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and hope you can come by for a visit. I will continue posting, even if it doesn't show up in the Reader.


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