Friday, December 4, 2009

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Day filled with fun in the snow! School was let out at 12:30 and it snowed pretty much for the following four hours. Some would call it a dusting but for Houston was a pretty good amount. It is the first time ever that it has snowed this early and the first time ever that it has snowed two consecutive years. As promised here are some pics!:)

Oldest & Littliest running around after taking Christmas Card pics. Yes we had a winner thankfully! Who knew that after last years card we would get a chance for another snow pic for the card!

Shortly after getting home from school.

Our "hood". Isn't it beautiful!? It all started melting around 5 ish and now is all frozen which is actually the biggest worry for around here. It is super cold! We spent the later half of the afternoon and evening over at our friends house. When I went to load up the mini to go home the door was frozen shut! It took like 10 tens for me to get it open.

Hope your day was a pleasant and joyful as ours! Tomorrow back to the same old same old. Need to finish up decorating and the outdoor lights. Pics coming next week!:)


  1. Love the pictures. Snow is just so beautiful!! Yeah, I'm very cautious of the frozen part that comes after. In our neck of the woods, we often have late school and business starting times (and closures) to keep everyone off icy roads in the early morning. Sometimes my driveway is just one big block of ice.

  2. It was awesome! And what a pleasant surprise to wake up and see it still on the ground!

  3. I was thinking about you ALL DAY yesterday! I bought tickets for the Texas Bowl (are you going to be there???), and the guy said it was snowing in Houston, as did my mom (it snowed in Beaumont, too!). I was so jealous! It's 23 degrees here, and we have YET to have any snow. :( So glad you were all healthy enough to get out and play in it! Can't wait to see your Christmas card picture (you are going to show it, right???)

    Love ya, and enjoy your Winter weekend! :)

  4. So much for global warming this week:)

  5. What an adventure. I am down in South Texas, and it is cold, but no snow.

    Have a great weekend,

  6. I just LOVE the snow! So pretty!

  7. Wasn't it wonderful!!! Your boys in their Christmas hats...running as little boys do...are adorable. It looks like ya'll made some great memories.

  8. The snow looks like so much fun! We had flurries on Saturday but nothing stayed on the ground.


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