Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ear Infection and Other Stuff

Well I was called for the first time by the school to come and get Oldest today. Ended up he has a MAJOR ear infection and the doc suspects that the ear drum will burst sometime this evening or tomorrow. There is NOTHING worse than watching your baby be in pain! Thankfully it did not take long for the meds to kick in and so we are now on an every four hrs of Tylenol and every 6 hrs of Motrin as well as two doses a day of Amoxi. He has not stopped talking since the meds kicked in which trust me I am thankful for!

In other news I spent the weekend trying to finish all up all of the holiday decorating but of course ya never get it all done. The pics I have thus far are not great and Santa told me he was thinking of bringing me a new camera that I can have early!;) So with that said here is just a few pics till I get a chance to retake this weekend.

Hope things are well for ya'll!

Here is a sneak peek at the tree. I am trying to find some more decorations with an old world/vintage theme. If ya have seen any please let me know! I had found a fella blogger who makes um but she sold out before I could get a chance to snag any. I have a total of 2 so far.

Here is my new coffee table tray from HobLob that I used some RubNBuff on and added some Harlequin scrapbook paper. A total of $10 spent on this project since I had a coupon. Great thing is it easily transforms to everyday decor.


  1. Just found you tonight from Marla sight. I have to follow you so I can come back again.
    Your right there is nothing worse than watching your babies hurt. I hope by now everytone is better.
    I see you have a Etsy shop.
    On Mondays I do a post called Temptation Mondays where I encourage other bloggers to list their shops or things for sale. Feel free to put yours on there

  2. Oh, the poor baby! I had an ear infection as an adult, and I was in so much pain (and in such a bad mood!) that I quit my job so I could go home and suffer. It gave me a whole new insight on children and ear infections, and I am praying for your little one tonight! Hope he gets better FAST!

    P.S. Hope Santa brings you that camera! ;)

  3. Oh, your poor baby. Pain in the ears is the worst.

    I love your tray. I'm looking for one just like that for my laundry goodies. I wish we had a hobby lobby here.

  4. Oh that stinks...I am so sorry. Have you looked at Michaels for ornaments and Home Goods?
    Take care and hoping he's better tomorrow!


  5. I hope his ear is better!

    It is all looking great!

  6. I hope that he is feeling all better now. Poor baby. I love the little coffe table tray. Great job! I wish that we had a Hobby Lobby here. The closest one is in Hammond...over an hour away.

    Lee Laurie

  7. I actually purchased the only two ornaments I have from HomeGoods. They did not get many in in that style at least not here. The rest of the tree is mostly all balls.

  8. Everything is looking fabulous!!!

    Sorry to hear about your son...He needs a cookie from the Cottage to make it better!!!

    Love the tray..great job

  9. Aw, I hope your baby is feeling better now. I love how the tray looks.


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