Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Okay so that pic is teeny tiny but if ya look real close the rain has snow flurries in it!;) We went from 40% chance of rain to 70% chance of rain mixed with snow by mid day. Still skeptical but still exciting none the less!
I am beyond tired at this point!! I can not for the life of me get Littliest to stay asleep in his own bed at night. I even told him Santa would not come if he was in mommy and daddy's bed. To top it off Oldest was up as well.
Decorating is coming along. I will share pics next week once we get the tree up. Hopefully minor set back with the lights out doors. It was raining so I think we just tripped a circuit. All went dark. I am crossing my fingers that is all that it is!
Well gotta get Oldest off to school. Have a good one ya'll!


  1. Still talking about Friday, right?

  2. When my youngest was your son's age she loved to climb in bed with us at night also. Knowing it would probably be temporary, and we didn't want a nighttime battle, we just let her. She did outgrow her need to be close to us at night about the time she started preschool. We have such funny stories, and I'm glad now, we let her sleep with us.

  3. Yes Girly Stuff, still talking mid day Friday so we shall see. Waiting to see what the schools will do.....

  4. Hey Marla! The boys always would sleep with us. Oldest from the time he was born till Littliest came and then again after Littliest had no interest and preferred the crib. Then when we moved to Baton Rouge they would on and off which was fine because I love snuggling. Littliest shared a bed with Oldest but here he has his own. He was fine up till now. He wakes up probably three times a night unless he is in our bed. Problem with that is now he is older and I do not sleep when he is in there. I am at a loss. Santa will have the hardest time if he is not upstairs in his own bed.

  5. It is supposed to snow here too! I'm not holding my breath. :)


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