Monday, October 12, 2009

Opinion Needed

Found this on the local yard sale site this afternoon. After going back and fourth on it I was able to get the guy to sell it by itself away from the table and chairs. He said I could have it for $200. I offered $175 and he said $200 firm. Would you buy it for $200?? It is almost exactly what I was looking for except it needs painting of course. What to do what to do????

1 comment:

  1. It's really pretty and with a bit of paint, it could be fabulous. $200 - is it clean (or cleanable) and does it smell good? Would it be pretty easy to paint? Is it a good fit (measure) in your home? Is your mind going crazy wanting that hutch? Is $200 a fair price for you? Have I confused you even more? :)

    I gave away one very much like that in an olivey green to my daughter, thinking I didn't want to move it and every time I visit her I wish I had it back. I have a new one but I still love my old one. At least it's still in the family and she loves it.


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