Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Kitchen Island

Before we signed the contract on our new home I told The Hubster there were two things that I required for us to buy this home. See this home was a home that The Hubster had picked out geez 6-7 mths ago. Yes it sat that long on the market. Actually it sat on the market for abt 2 and half years. Our new home was actually ready for move in when we moved out of the hood to Baton Rouge. We moved just before the market tanked and it just now is trying to recover around here. The builder wanted wayyyy toooo much for it and well he would not come off the price at all. So it sat and sat and sat until we came around. The Hubster wanted this house because it has everything we wanted...almost. It lacked the wood flooring thru out and a kitchen island. We ended up getting such an out of this world deal because it sat and sat and sat that The Hubster agreed to my request.
Here we are almost three months into our home and even though it was a home I was dead set against...power lines cross the back fence...I must say I do love our home and it is starting to feel just as such. I am enjoying adding those special touches and I am enjoying watching Oldest and Littliest enjoying so much! The Hubster lived up to his agreement...well almost. I have my semi island and well after much consideration I decided to forgo the wood flooring at least for a few years. There were just so many other things we wanted to do that the floors just did not make sence.
Here is the butcher block kitchen island that I actually purchased in Baton Rouge right after we went under contract. It was the perfect size and the perfect price!

Here is the island after two coats of SAMPLE Sherwin Williams black paint. Don't let the sales people tell ya ya can't paint anything with a $4 sample paint cause ya can! I was NOT paying $20 for a quart of paint for the island when the sample size was more than enough with extra left over for the dining room bench.

I loved her distressed legs and that is actually what took the longest. It would have gone much faster if I had courser sand paper. I actually broke a sweat in the kitchen distressing it. I liked how it turned out but wanted to place stain over top. I thought I had the right stain from recent projects.

This is how it turned out.

It is a LOT darker than I wanted and I am thinking of sanding it down again and trying a lighter stain if possible. I am waiting though to see if it grows on me. It actually is a cherry stain and matches our kitchen cabinets so maybe it was meant to be. I was also thinking of doing a cream layer and then black again.

So what are your thoughts?? Should I leave it or re do it???


  1. I love it, but I am not sure how it fits in with the rest of the kitchen. I don't think it is too dark. Could you post pics of it in context with the rest of the kitchen?


  2. I will add one tomorrow Suzanne!

  3. WOW! It looks fantastic. Love that you did it with a sample too. I am gonna so steal that idea. You wondered about the bottom fabric on my ottoman re-do, yes it is also from Hobby Lobby. don't you just love that place?

  4. I think it looks great! Let's see how it looks with everything else, but for now I'd say just enjoy it!

  5. I love it, too! I think you did a GREAT job! And yes, let's see the rest of your kitchen! :)

  6. I vote to leave it as is. It is just perfect! What a great job you did!!
    p.s. I bought my corbels at Lowes...they were about $58 each...

  7. Thanx for the info Penny! I will have to go and look the next time we are there.


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