Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Need Therapy!

Hey y'all! How is your day going? Oldest and Littliest are driving me INSANE today and my house is a MESS. It seems for every step forward I notice the house is two steps back in the next room. So I am forgettin' abt it all and heading to one of my fave little gift shops. So hop on in the mini ...van that is... if ya wanna come along and buckle up. We are sure to have some girly chic fun! Do let me tell ya though that my battery was running low and well I basically hate my camera because it is a crap shoot on whether it wants to take decent pics or not. The Hubster would chime in at this point and say it is my third camera in three years and to deal with it. I say talk to the hand.

Here we are, The Old Oak Cottage! It is not that far of a drive. Just abt 15 minutes down the road in Huffman Tx. I happened upon this little place by accident on the local yard sale site. Have I mentioned I love that site!?

Isn't the porch the cutest! I love the candlelier and the large chalk board frame inviting us to come on in. I can't wait to see how the ladies decorate for the holidays! I would love to have that job!

The first room is soo cute and divine. If I had a little girl that carousel horse would so be in her room!

This is the center room. Don't cha just love this dining room set!? The chairs are to die for. So shabby and I would so love to have it but it is a little far out there for The Hubsters taste. I have to keep things some what tame in my castle or the king starts to complain because it is not manly enough around here. Ha!

I love these little acorn ornaments. See that white picture frame on the wall back there. I may be bringing that home one day soon. I need it for above my foyer bench. I am going to do some kind of display of frames.

Another little room with so much eye candy that I usually have to walk thru twice to make sure I have not missed something.

And who doesn't love an old chippy window!? I have actually purchased two old chippy windows from the wonderful ladies here. There is another little room as well but for some reason I did not take a pic of that room. They carry my fave Tyler Candles in that room! Pineapple something or nother is a must have!

Here we are in the back of the cottage in the kitchen. Again soo much eye candy.

Wouldn't these be cute on a little table with a saying like Welcome!?

Now you see why my boys LOVE and I mean LOVE coming here with me. They ask me to bring them here much to The Hubsters dismay but I keep telling him not worry because they just enjoy the fact that there is always delicious cookies waitin' there for um along with lemon aide. Believe it or not they actually keep their hands to them selves the entire time just so they can have one of those cookies!

Even the bathroom is full of pretties! There is also a back patio with many of those old chippy windows and tons of shutters to browse thru but I was on a mission by the time we went out there and I forgot to take pics. That and well there are HUGE black carpenter ants back there and well I HATE ants so I pretty much am preoccupied making sure they don't jump on me. Laugh if ya will but after one of my visits here there actually was one in my shorts leg trying to bite me on the way home. I had to pull over and see what the heck it was that kept pinching me!

Thanx for coming along! I hope you had as much fun as I do visiting The Old Oak Cottage! If you live near by definitely take the short drive out there to say hi to the ladies!


  1. What a wonderful little store! I guess it's a good thing (for my husband, that is) that it's in Texas. :(

    LOVE the white picture frame and acorn ornaments, too!

  2. What a darling shop!!! If it were just a little closer I would be on my way right now!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway...I wish you the best of luck!!!


  3. What a darling little shop...I sure did enjoy looking around...thanks soooo much for sharing.


  4. It is the best place ever! Maybe I will see you there one day!


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