Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost forgot....

This post is for the ladies who all asked for a tour of the kitchen yesterday to help me decide if I needed to re do the kitchen island. Now before ya go clicking on pics and all this tour is a Keeping It Real tour. I touched nothing in my kitchen so this is what my kitchen looks like by the end of the week. I could have waited and taken pics after I straightened up over the weekend but I promised I would post today so here ya go!

I had fallen in love with somebodies door hall tree that they created from a $19 door at Lowes. I tried two differ styles of doors and decided just too many doors going on around here. We have a headboard in the guest bedroom that The Hubster and I made as well from a door. The $19 Lows door stands in the hallway waiting to go back home. This is the door from the garage into the hallway attached to the kitchen that was inspired by the hall tree out in blog land. I needed somewhere to put the boys back packs and some place to remind me when things were due at school. The chalk board calendar was just plain black but then I Rub N Buffed it! Now I just need to find one of those chalk pens. Anybody have any ideas?? So far no luck.

Here is the kitchen from the entrance into the house from the garage which we do not use just yet. Getting closer but not quite there. Remember I am keeping it real!;)

Just a differ view. I am stumped on what to do with the top of the cabinets. I have faux grapevines that I used at the last house and was not going to put them up here but just maybe....Any ideas??
View into the breakfast nook with leftover lunch and all. Mind you I have a grazer and he was still working on our Lean Cuisine. I did purchase the fab today to make the cafe curtain on the bottom! Not sure how long it will take me to make um but at least I have the fab. Where is The Nana when I need her!HA! They would already be done and up by now.

A better view with the arches into the living room. Still loving my chandy there! The Hubster still hating it.
In this pic you can see the hallway of doors over by the fridge. We have the garage entrance and then the pantry, the half bath and the laundry room all on that hall which leads to the dining room. Lots of doors so now you can kinda better understand why the $19 door was not working for me.

And here is where I temporarily blog away my days. Need help with this area as well. The apple will move into the front office as soon as we finish cleaning it out. I have visions of cookbooks and what not but just soo many shelves. I am at a loss. I do love my bistro chair though. It is from our front porch at the Baton Rouge house which I did not want to give away so I decided to use one of the chairs in here.

There ya have. The Keeping It Real tour of our kitchen. Please make any suggestions on what I could do with the top of the cabinets and the desk shelves and if ya think the island works or not the way it is. I am thinking any normal person who is not as obsessive abt things would think it was just fine. Some days I wish I could be one those people!Ha!
Have a good weekend ya'll! It is soooo nice outside! W may actually get out the new patio living set and finish painting the dining set. Again soo many projects.


  1. What a fantastic kitchen! It's looking really good! And I STILL like the island. I think it ties together the other black elements in the kitchen: the black in the granite countertops, the frame over the window, the cabinet knobs, the wrought iron, etc., etc. Keep it as is!

    As for over the cabinets, I hate trying to figure out what to do in those spaces. I have no original ideas for you. So sorry! I, too, have a plant, some big jars with decorative food thingys in them, a vintage basket with some fake apples. Blah. Blah. Blah. :)

    Hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend!! I am - hopefully - off to sleep! :)

  2. Looks great! I love the backpack hangers on the door! Genius!

  3. I think everything is turning out beautifully!!! I love your island and the backpack holders...darling ideas!!!

    Good luck!!!

  4. Love your HUGE kitchen! Double em hate em'''sometimes..hehe


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