Friday, September 25, 2009

You would think I had learned...

It is almost midnight and I am still up. No reason other than still being up. Night ya'll!


  1. Check out the time - why am I still up, too??? I need an Etsy intervention, I think! And I, too, have been sick this week. Ugh. Hope you're feeling better (and sleeping!) now and that your yard sale goes really well tomorrow (today, that is)! And that you can go buy lots more pretties!

    Take care, and please feel free to send motivational words my way: I've all but stopped exercising this week. Ugh. Ugh. ;)

    And I swear, we have GOT to get together should I find myself in Texas again!!!

  2. I am a night owl.....I love staying up and reading.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and watching the crazy stuff that is going on with remodeling my new home. In answer to your can come anytime after we move in!! I love visitors.


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