Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Monday...well almost Tuesday!

Okay so if you are on the East Coast it is already Tuesday but I have exactly four minutes left of Monday. Not much happening here in Cajun country for us. Worked a few hours yesterday and today on getting the house ready to go on the market.  It is just the little tedious things that are left and of course you always think something else could be better but I know I will never get it all done and well honestly it looks pretty darn good around here. Hubby keeps telling me the more money I put into this house the less we have for the new one so I have to stop the insanity sometime.
We had a couple interested in looking at our home so I took pics today and posted them. After looking at them I realized leaving this home will be bitter sweet which I did not think it would be seeing as we have only been here two years. I guess two hurricanes and a freak snow storm can top the list of memorable happenings. Just not as memorable as building our first home and having two babies there. It is a beautiful home that God blessed us with and we certainly would pick it up and bring it with us if we could. We put a lot of sweat equity in to it to get the curb appeal we were after. The house came with ZERO landscaping. I pray whomever moves in next will love the yard and house as much as we have!
 So on to business, as promised I am going to show you all were we actually dine in our home. On to the tour...   

Welcome! This is what you see as you enter our home from our back entrance which is the only entrance we really use since our parking is in the back of our home. I saw this little sign at Hobby Lobby and just fell in love with its charm and had to have it! 
Better view from backdoor.
Now this is where we actually dine around here! A little fancy but again we have no dining room so I jazzed it up a bit more than a normal breakfast area. You can see my half sewn window treatments half mistreatments and my steal of a table and chairs! 
I LOVE a bargain and we hunted high and low for a dining set before we got married . Even had one on order at Pier 1.   One day I was walking thru Lowes and whola this beauty jumped out at me! Well she was not a beauty to begin with in the least! She was just an unfinished pine table that actually had the words 'Floor Sample' stamped on her in red. She was the last one they had and I was actually able to get them to sell her to me for yes can you believe it $25!! Then to top it off a few weeks later I came across again at Lowes our chairs. They were again just $25 and not a piece but for two!! I purchased three sets. One set is still boxed up in the garage.
I had soo much fun refinishing this table! At the time hubby was away at Ga Tech and I still lived with my mom and well at night after work I wood actually sand the table little by little in my bedroom. Mom caught on and said it had t go outside so outside it went into the future in laws garage where I spent many hours working on it. I even had my future mother in law better know n these days as Nana out there working on it some too!:) I wanted it to look old and distressed on the top. The green stain turned out really as well for that farm house look I was going for. In the new house though the green will be going black.

Here is a closer view of my window treatments/mistreatments. We had lived her several months without any covering s on the windows which was fine because we have no backyard neighbors. It was driving me insane though. On a very limited budget there was not many options and then I found some gorgeous panels at Target one day. Again a little formal for a breakfast room but I was determined they would work. They were also on the short side since we have extra long windows in there. I bought one a week as well as the valances to match which at the time had tassels on them. When the in-laws came to visit I commissioned Nana to help me cut two of the panels in half to create four panels and then to cut off the tassels on the valances so we could sew them on to the panel to make them the length I needed.  I think they turned out pretty good.  My father in-law better known as Papa these days created a curved rod for me with a metal connection pipe from Lowes so we would not have to go out and buy an angled rod! A few months back though I went an extra mile after stumbling upon The Nester and her mistreatments. I found the gold fab at Hobby Lobby where else!? I just cut it the width of the windows and then glues trim to the bottom and used straight pins to create the poof or whatever you call it. Then I used upholstery tacks and tacked um up there. 

While we are in here I might as well show ya the rest of the kitchen! Sorry it is a little dark but I turned the flash off because I was getting a glare.

Aw, where all those loving family meals of hot dogs and mac and cheese are made!
And yes I know I have clutter  and am allowed to have clutter till the sign is officially in our front yard! I am enjoying my last few days of allowed clutter!:)

This is the view from our living room. 

My shelf yet again from my home away from home HL. I love my fork and spoon again HL. I also love my Mark Roberts cooking fairy that my mom gave me fore Christmas this past year. Thanx Mom! 

These are two dear items I have as well. The one is a beautifully handcrafted pie safe made by none other than the man known as Papa! My sister in law had one and I soo fell in love with it that Papa made us one as a wedding gift! I love it just as much as I did back then! Thanx Papa Bear! I have had visions of it going black but I think I will fight that urge!  And yes if you had not noticed the LARGER than life RED popcorn machine then look again. We love popcorn around theses parts and we have movie night every Sat or at lest try to. One day at Sams we saw this LARGER than life RED popcorn machine and my boys went crazy over it. We saw it for months and after a few months my birthday rolled around and guess what littliest who is 3 told his daddy he wanted them to get me for my birthday?? Yes the LARGER than life RED popcorn machine and so they did. I love this machine not because it is LARGER than life, not because it is RED and not because we love popcorn but because of the pride littliest takes in this LARGER than life RED popcorn machine. He will proudly tell you when asked and sometimes even when not asked that it was HIS idea to buy mommy the LARGER than life RED popcorn machine and that it was a great idea that was all HIS!
On that note it is now officially Tuesday morning and I have rambled on long enough! Have a good one ya all!


  1. What a beautiful breakfast/DINING room and kitchen! And I LOVE the popcorn machine! I always see the smaller versions and think of buying one but never do. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and do it: Saturday night movie night sounds great!!

    And oh, my goodness: if we DID ever live in the same area, I would make you come shopping with me EVERY time. A $25 table???? UNBELIEVABLE!!! :)

  2. We would have a blast! As for the LARGER than life RED popcorn machine, it is great and we do enjoy it but it is a MAJOR pain to clean. That is why it is off limits till after we move. The boys have been begging to use it for two weeks now.


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