Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super Excited!

Hey ya'll! How is your weekend going?
 I had big plans of working on some projects today but that was derailed when we found ants crawling around in the living room by the windows. Not fun by any means.

On a more positive note I am super excited! 
Tomorrow I will be meeting up with a fellow bloggy pal and we will be touring The Pink Ribbon House here in Houston! 

Even more exciting is that Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Decorative finishes and author of Segreto Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors will be there signing her book! She helped decorate the home. I hear that her book is filled with 300 pages of heaven!

I am crossing my fingers that I get to take pics to share with y'all. I have asked but have not gotten an answer back yet. Keep your fingers crossed too!;)

Until then here is a link to Leslie's blog. It has tons of eye candy from the 2010  Pink Ribbon Home here in Houston.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Burlap Grain Sacks, Charles Faudree, & a Bench

I received a package today that I was anxiously waiting for.
In it was this awesome frenchy burlap grain sack!

Thank you to Gail over at Gail's Decorative Touch for sharing her awesome grain sack apron during Treasure Hunt Thursday! As soon as I saw it I headed straight over to Online Fabric Store and ordered a few grain sacks myself. I always love when fellow bloggers share where they find awesome things! 

I also ordered a few of these but had NO idea how HUGE they were going to be. As of right now I have no clue what I will be doing with them but I am sure I will think of something sooner or later. Anybody for a game of hopsack in the meantime!?;)

The frenchy burlap sack made me start thinking about this here bench. I purchased it back in February from the same lady I purchased the pair of frenchy chairs that reside in our office. We have been using it in the living room as an ottoman even though it is in desperate need of a makeover. The fabric is kinda dirty though you can't tell from the picture and the wood I think has a layer or two of hairspray on it. It won't come off. I tried.

I remembered I had a piece of scrap fabric I purchased a few years back from a fabric store at my mama's. I just LOVED it and wanted more but could not find it anywhere so I just saved the one piece knowing one day I would think of something to do with it.

In comes the frenchy burlap grain sack! I think they will make a perfect pair together for the bench.
Right about now you may be wondering what Charles Faudree has to do with any of this!?;)

Charles Faudree's book Details is one of my favorite books and I thumb thru it on a regular basis looking for inspiration.

I LOVE this chair and pillow. It would be perfect in our living room.The pillow even has our initial on it! But I digress.....

Here is one of his displays around the fireplace. Do you notice something a tad familiar about it?

This bench is almost identical to the one I purchased but I am sure wayyyyy more than what I paid!;) I was tickled when I noticed it one day. Now I am sure Faudree would never add a burlap grain sack to anything but I am hoping my bench will turn out just as marvelous!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Treasure Hunt Thursday #54 & Highlights

Good morning y'all! Thanx for coming to THT #54! I hope that your week is going well and that ya have some wonderful treasures to share. Before we get to that though here are the highlights from last weeks party!

Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage transformed her foyer from 80s throwback to modern day wow!

Gail over at Gail's Decorative Touch made some fabulous grain sack aprons which are just divine!!

My heart went pitter pat when Samantha over at Be Simply Organized gave us an outside tour of her gorgeous French Country inspired home! Its a must see for sure.

As always thank you to all who partied last week! I am so truly honored to have such talent partying at my place! If you were featured please feel free to grab the "I've Been Featured" button!:) I have the newly updated button with html code on my sidebar! 

 What would be a HUGE help and encourage more comments not just from me but others as well would be for everybody to take off their required verification codes for leaving a comment. This seems to take just a few seconds of time but when you have to do it on 30 or more blogs it takes up a TON of time. Last week most everybody had turned off their Word Verification which made it so much easier for me to stop by everybody's links! Thank you!

Now on to this weeks party! 
As with all parties there are the normal rules. You must link back to From My Front Porch To Yours in your THT POST. Just common courtesy. If ya don't link back ya don't get to party. Only link up to your Treasure Hunt Thursday post and NOT your blog homepage. Please No advertising and PLEASE NO MORE than 3 links from the SAME party goer. Also NO MORE linking up to your own link parties. I am seeing more and more link ups of just people promoting their own linky parties. I know it takes time to go back and make a separate post to join the party but it is just the polite thing to do. If you find your post deleted it is not because I am a meany, I just have to make sure the rules are being followed. You can save some of your posts for the following weeks party!Please only link up new posts and not posts that you linked up the week before.Also be sure to visit at least the link before you and after you to just say Hi! It makes partying all the more fun! If you are new around here I would love it if ya become a follower!:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Mirror Haven

Yesterday I was perusing the local yard sale website and look at what jumped out at me!
A gorgeous antique oval mirror! It was the perfect size for our half bath so I had to have it. The best part is that it was only $10!

I double looked over it before bringing it home and all I saw was its chippy goodness. That was until I got home. Can you see what I spied after getting it home? Somebody drilled a hole on each side of this beautiful mirror to hang it I guess. It is super heavy. I was a tad disappointed but I figured I was probably going to paint it anyways and I can fill in those holes. At the price I purchased it for it was still a really good deal. I just wish they had done that.

Now as if that was not enough after I got back from picking up the oval mirror I hopped back on the local yard sale site and you just won't believe what I found!
I keep begging The Hubster to let me paint the mirror over our fireplace but he refuses since it goes to our bedroom suite. Well when I saw this one I jumped right on it! I was ready for a change above the fire place anyways.
Not done yet...
Earlier today I posted about fabulous Trumeau Mirror inspirations. I have longed for one forever and actually had plans of making one from scratch until....
I saw this mirror! The same lady who had the trifold had this one as well.
I just love all of its detail!
She also had this one so I made her a deal on all three. I feel like I hit the mirror jackpot!:) I was giddy when I went to pick them up today and saw how big they all were and what awesome shape they were in.

Now I just need to get me some Annie Sloan Crackle Glaze and some Annie Sloan Gilding Wax so I can get the  painting party started! Have you used either of those yet?
Hope your week is going well!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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