Friday, February 24, 2012

A Golden Project

About a month ago I shared with y'all that I purchased two awesome Napoleon chairs that have fabulous potential. They intimidated me something fierce but I HAD to have them. The past few weeks I have been helping out my dear friend Jennifer who owns Metamorphosis Studios. She is an upholstery queen if there ever was one and I am thankful that she asked me to help out! After watching her work her magic I finally decided I was now brave enough to start tackling these chairs. Well at least one of them!;) 

Don't let this scare you!;) I promise she will be fabulous! 
Right now she reminds me of C3PO from Star Wars which would make sense on why Littliest wants to keep her in all of her gold glory!;)

I also worked on the farmhouse coffee table today. It should be finished up by the end of the weekend.

What have you been up to?

Late Valentines

Today I went shopping at HomeGoods which as y'all know is one of my all time favorite stores. I was shopping for The Hubster for my Valentines!;)
It is either hit or miss and well today it was a hit. I found and fabulous boxwood spiral topiary at an awesome price.

I also fell in love with this clock. I have seen them well over $60 but this one was just $25.

Then this mirror hopped in my cart after much debate. See this same styled mirror has come home with me on two other occasions but always ends up back at the store. This time though I have my plan all mapped out so its a keeper...I think!;) They had a round style as well. I think The Hubster did good for Valentines Day!;) Thanx Honey!

On another front I decided to snap out of my funk and work on a few projects. This chair has been in the garage for probably two years now. I have its sister in our master bath and just never knew what I was going to do with this one until now. I had to pull off the floor protectors that were nasty.

I am also in the middle of working on this farmhouse coffee table which is almost completed. I love it so much that I just might not be able to sell it after all. Can't wait to share its reveal.

And last but not least I finally decided what I wanted to do to spruce up the front porch. I literally have been in the middle of this project for like a month now. That grapevine has been giving me fits but I have a differ plan for it now that I am hoping will work.
 Hope your week is going well y'all!  
Don't forget to head over to Treasure Hunt Thursday! We would love to have ya party with us!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Caught My Eye

Its that time of year again when people start sprucing up their homes and place them on the market. I am a real estate junky and love looking at current homes for sale in our area. This morning there was one in particular that was filled with tons of eye candy that I knew you would like to look at as well! Let me state these are NOT my pictures but from the listing on the real estate site. You can click here and it will take you to the listing and then you can see even more pics of this beautiful home .
This home has some wonderful curb appeal. It looks like a tropical Mediterranean oasis!

The details thru out this home are just spectacular. Just look at the double door front door!

This is the view I am guessing that you will see once you enter the home. 

Check out that chandy!!

This really makes me want to lighten up our kitchen!

Can you believe this is the laundry room!!!!! I would never leave this room!;)

I love the damask treatment on the feature wall.

Again loving the damask on the walls.

This space is by far one of my favorites of this home though at a whopping price of 2.1 million...yes that's right!;)....I am surprised it does not have a pool.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keeping Busy

Hey y'all! Sorry I have been pretty much MIA lately. To be honest I have been in a blogging funk lately. I have not felt as if I have anything inspiring or interesting to share. Do y'all go thru those times as well? I have been blogging for almost four years now altogether so it stands to reason.

To be honest I have just been in a funk over everything really. I am trying to get out of it though and be inspired again. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have no idea if we are moving or staying come summer time. I hate the unknown! As a result I just have not been into doing much of anything and questioning if I should even be doing anything. And to top that off The Hubster has been working 16-18 hr days thus we only get to see him for maybe an hour or so a day. He has not been sleeping well either since he caught cold which means I have not been falling asleep till after 2 am so that makes for a not so spriteful mama. We were super excited though that we got to spend all day today with him. He has been working weekends too!:( Please don't take it as me complaining because I am not. We are very thankful he has such a wonderful job and that we do know he will be home every night! It just is tough thats all.

So with all that said I am TRYING really hard to get out of my funk. To do this I have been hunting down my next furniture piece to make over but so far nothing. I have very high standards so that makes it a tad tougher to find just the right piece. Last week was a semi decent week though on the furniture hunt.

I went to go and look at a bench a lady had for sale and it ends up she is getting ready to move out of state and was selling a ton of her stuff. I purchased the bench which I will share in another post and then this here chair. Yes, I know I already have two other chairs to conquer and another one waiting for the finishing touch but this one is an easy redo to hold my customers over till I can get the more extensive ones redone. Oh and just wait to see what else she agreed to sell me! I was super excited even though I spent most of the money I made off of Antoinette. That is the way it goes though.

In between bargain hunting I managed to get a few new chalk boards made to take out to the cottage. This is one of the larger ones.

I can't make these fast enough and have actually tried finding out how to order frames wholesale but no such luck yet.

So there ya have it. Nothing all that exciting but I am here and I am trying. Hope your weekend was a grand one!

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