Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #23 & Highlights

 Welcome to Treasure Hunt Thursday # 23 and Highlights! Hope your week is going grand thus far! We had a lot of great treasures last week and thank you so much for joining the party! It is YOU that makes it so great! 

I just LOVE these pictures that Rhonda from My Blue Creek Home found! The blue accent she added really makes the prints pop!

Look at this awesome antique saw that Francine from Ethereal Plus What I Love!

This spice cabinet that Patti from Ivy & Elephants found is just darling!

Be sure to grab your "I've Been Featured" button ladies!

Now on to this weeks party!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Annie Sloan-Your questions answered!

 Well believe it or not I finally am able to post the Annie Sloan interview where YOU my readers got to ask the questions! Yes, I know that was back at the end of July and I apologize for the long wait but Annie is a busy lady! 

So without further ado.....

Sometimes discoveries are made by accident. Kathy from Creative Home Expressions wants to know if chalk paint was an accident or did you set out to create a paint that does exactly what chalk paint does?  
My first thought was for a paint to absorb wax and to be in good colours. The rest I have found out about it and I've developed the techniques and ideas too. 

When creating do you prefer to be hands on or do you have a team of people that create new colors for you?-Itbpt
Just me....I make all my colours myself - the ingredients are very important so it lightens in the right way.

Waxing seems to be a step that intimidates a lot of people. Ann from On Sutton Place wants to know if you plan on developing a paint that does not require the waxing step but still achieves the same effect chalk paint does? 
Chalk paint is very soft, absorbing and very flexible so you can make it a wash or use it thickly. This is what makes it so special!! The waxing is also very flexible too.   The Chalkiness also means it will stick to anything too.  
I have plans for a new paint - keeping secret though! sh! sh!!

On a side note- Do you have any tips when it comes to waxing? 
 When you wax you have to apply it so it absorbs into the paint so maybe a little pressure is needed.  Not too much. Then wipe off any excess. You can sand it at this point too if you want. Either to make it smoother or to make it distressed to show the under colour a little.

 Sonya from Beyond The Screen Door wants to know if you can use chalk paint right over a piece that has been previously waxed or do you need to sand the piece down first?
As long as the wax was applied a while ago - more than a couple of months , then paint away! 

Sue from Le Chien de Creme would like to know whether you prefer more neutral colors or bold dark colors when painting furniture?
Depends on the context.  In a room full of pale neutrals isn't it wonderful to see something in Duck Blue or Versailles. Even something strong and silent like Aubusson Blue or even more daring a little side table in Emile? - see my web site!
In a room with more contrasting neutrals how about something a little punchier Emperors Silk with some dark wax ?? Against walls with colour then use one of the whites or greys ....

Lastly but certainly not least Heather from At The Picket Fence wants to know what advice you have for other women who are also trying to follow a dream or launch a new product?
Keep at it!!!! If it really is good and people are telling you it's good then keep at does come good in the end..also communicate.

Thank you so much to all of my readers! I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to stop by my little corner of the world! Also Thank You to Annie for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview for us all! All of you rock!

Be sure to get your fave chalk paint pieces ready for a linky party coming soon!

Hope your weekend was a grand one!

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