Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project Nest

Last week I shared with y'all how I fell in love with Deborah's 'Nest" chair and just had to have one for myself.  Deborah was super sweet in helping me out by providing the graphic which you can find on her blog Upcycling My Ordinary Life! Thanx Deborah for sharing it with us all! You are a sweetie!

This is the before of the nasty chair that required an entire container of Clorox wipes!

Of course I busted out the Chalk Paint for this project. I used Chateau Grey as my base coat and then Old White as my top coat.

After I used the old pencil and paper transfer trick I used a paint pen to draw on the 'Nest' and then used clear wax over the entire piece. Next I used my Jacobean wax on the seat after some distressing and decided it was just too dark for the entire piece so I only used it on the seat. 

The rest of the chair I used a dark wax but by a differ maker and made sure to rub most of it back off. 

I think it turned out really nice and I have Deborah to thank for the inspiration and help! You rock lady!

Here is just a little setting I made cause I am corny like that. I wanted to see what the chair and table looked like next to each other.
Hope your week was a good one y'all! Don't forget if you have a treasure this week be sure to come on over and party for Treasure Hunt Thursday!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #18!!

As of late the local yard sale site has been really slow. Not much happening on there so when I got on there Monday morning later than I normally do I had no idea what was waiting!!

Look at the amazing detail!

Those sexy curvacous legs! Wish mine were as good looking!;)

The handles to die for.

Oh my, the convex drawers were pulling at my heart strings!

What sent me over the edge were these wire doors!!

So yeah, I was more than in love! I was obssessed with getting this piece of furniture! It was just the perfect size for the guest bedroom that I am working on! So yeah, I HAD to have this piece of furniture. I sent the lady an email and kept every finger and toe crossed. I then sent her a second email with both my home and cell number hoping she could see how much I wanted to be the new owner of this piece. 

 Look at those drawers!

Not even ten minutes later Ms.Barbara called!! I was amazed! She said she had had it listed for only 15 minutes and had no idea what kind of response she had been getting! She had abt four other ladies wanting it but all could not give her an exact time. 

I explained to her that I could come ASAP so I was quickly getting us out of our pjs because it still is summer vaca for us and it is not uncommon for us to hang in our pjs till lunch!:) I was getting ready to do the boys hair and Ms. Barbara called me back again. I was afraid she was gonna say somebody had just come and picked it up. See Ms. Barbara lives a good 45 min away from here but I was not going to let that deter me. I was going to rent a Uhaul and me and the boys were going to have an adventure that I am sure they would have  remembered for a lifetime...dude remember when mom got the crazies??...!:) Well Ms. Barbara said her husband just got home and asked where I live. She told Mr. "Barbara" who said "why don't we just take it to her?"! See I just happened to live near one of their daughters. Can you believe it!!!???

An hour and half later this was sitting in our foyer!
Mr. & Ms. Barbara were the sweetest couple in the entire world and I will forever be appreciative to them! They are a true testament in a world that seems to have gone completely mad that there are still truly warm hearted, genuine, caring people out there!
Thank You Ms. Barbara to you and your hubby! Also thank you to The Hubster!! This is what I finally decided on for our 10 year anniversary next week! A true treasure I will have for a long long time!

Sneak peek at next weeks treasure!

So if you are still there and I am not talking to the crickets after that long drawn out story it is time to party ladies!! We had some awesome entries last week and I can not wait to see what ya have this week!
As with all parties there are the normal rules. You must link back to From My Front Porch To Yours. Just common courtesy. Only link up to your Treasure Hunt Thursday post and NOT your blog homepage. Please no advertising. Also be sure to visit at least the link before you and after you to just say Hi! It makes partying all the more fun!:) And I PROMISE next week I will start features!! I just lost track of what day it was! All day I thought it was Tuesday for some reason!:(
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest Room Inspirations

As I mentioned a few weeks back I started on the journey of redesigning our guest bedroom. I kept going back and fourth on what exactly to do. I even considered keeping the bedding I already had but it is sold and thus I am officially committed to this project. There is no going back now!;)

I fell in love right away when I saw Jennifer's redesign of her nursery a few months back!! It is just so elegant but peaceful and calm at the same time. Her room is definitely what budget friendly dreams are made of! She did the entire room for little over $200... I think! WOW!
I also went surfing google and came upon some other  inspirations pics. All have aspects that I love.

I love this room for the sheer fact that the headboard to me is to die for and we just so happen to have a very similar styled headboard already in the guest room. It just needs to be repainted since right now it is red. Nope, red will not work.

LOVE all the white in here. It is just soo dreamy but I need a tad bit of color.

A room with similar details as Jennifer's but with more pattern. I love the gingham bed skirt!! Talk about pricey though if ya can even find one!:(

And oh my my my! Words are not even needed for this room! A little too dark for me though. Still just lovely!
Then there is this room. It mixes the white and the linen with gray painted furniture. Hmmm, there is an idea!

Then I come across fabric like this and think what a wonderful dust ruffle it would make. Added it up and that dust ruffle would be well over $100 even with a HobLob 40% off coupon! So that is a major no go but maybe will make a possible accent pillow. Euro Shams would be divine but I am not that talented in the sewing department. Sigh.

Then I see pieces like this and am in love with color all over again! This armoire is just amazing!! How could I have missed Sandy's blog!!?? I had never even heard of Trust me go visit Sandy! You will not be disappointed!

I keep thinking how easy this room will be to put together. I already have purchased several  main pieces for the redo but I am being torn in which direction to go and well price is a HUGE factor as well. If money was not an issue I would have no problem deciding what to do. Despite my indecision the painting of the furniture has begun so if I ever want to finish this room up I need to make some decisions and find some fabulous deals. 

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rooster Party!

I am so excited to be joining Shelia from Note Songs for her Rooster & Chickens Party! Thanx for having us all over Shelia! I wish I had some better photos but today ended up being a crazy day so I apologize in advance!

Here is a rooster pic I purchased years ago from Kirklands. 

Lil' rooster lamp that sits on my computer desk in the kitchen that I purchased from Dollar General.

Here is a closer look. I love this little lamp but have yet to find a shade for it that I love.

Rooster hand towel!

My rooster cookie jar that we purchased from Target back when we were first married! Love this piece!

Also LOVE my antique rooster lamp that I purchased off the local yard sale site!

Rooster salt & pepper shakers that were bought at the same time as the cookie jar.

Small resin rooster from HobLob that got a little sprucing up with some Antique Gold RubNBuff.

Some more rooster hand towels. Can you guess I really like roosters!?;)

Rooster fridge magnets. There use to be a third but it fell on the floor and broke!:(

Love love love my rooster candelabra from Steinmart!

And of course what french country dining room would be complete without some toile rooster curtains!?

And lastly but not least is my little rooster tassel I made a few years back!

Thanx for stopping by to browse my rooster collection! The Hubster thinks I have plenty  but I think I have room for just a few more!;)

Hope your Monday was a good one!
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