Friday, March 4, 2011

A Rough Reveal

Okay so I shared this pic earlier in the morning of a beautiful April Cornell tablecloth that I found at HomeGoods this week. I knew I HAD to have it for my sewing/craft room!

Before any gasps, I did say this is a ROUGH reveal. My mom cave is not even close to being blog worthy yet but I wanted to share what I made with the table cloth. Ignore the pink sample paint. It is a little flamingo and I need to find a softer shade.

Tada! Here are the finished panels I made from the table cloth which I might add I actually made in a day and a half and not two, three months later! Ha! I actually purchased four table cloths. Two sets in two differ sizes since I was not sure how long I needed the curtains to be and not sure if I wanted to spend the money on two full table cloths or not to create fuller panels. Well sensibility won out and I decided to use just one table cloth and cut it in half to make two panels and sewed the sides back up. Yes, I would have loved two fuller panels but I just could not justify to myself spending $50 on curtains for in here.

I went to HobLob yesterday looking for some type of hanger and came home with this. The Fleur de leis curtain clips were on clearance and they only had one pack but it worked fine for me. The hanger actually matches the chandy I purchased a while back for in here but have yet to decided what to do with. Now once the walls are painted pink the clips may go white as well or the hanger may actually get painted to match the clips. Not sure and the important thing to me was to just get the panels made and hung. 

This print really does makes me just smile every time I go in here. They distract your eye from all my messes going on!;) I loved this table cloth even more because it has a boarder to it and the border is actually sewn on all around and not just printed so it adds a little bit more something special to it.

And here is my assistant who is addicted to open windows. I was actually taking a pic to show ya how the panels puddle on the floor. Oh and as an extra there in the corner on the floor is that chandy just patiently waiting.
Hope y'all are having a wonderful week and thanx for stopping by to share in my  excitement over a table cloth! It truly is the little things that make me happy which is a total plus for The Hubster!

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So Excited!

Look at what I found at HomeGoods this week! I fell instantly in love with the vintage feel it had and those colors just make me smile. Right away I knew it was perfect for one particular room in our home. The one room that is last on the list of importance and thus is taking the longest to get anywhere near completed but that is okay. That room would be my sewing/crafting room. One day it will be done and I will never want to leave it!;)

I have already started on the transformation from a tablecloth to curtains. Stay tuned!

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