Friday, October 29, 2010


Halloween weekend y'all! It has been a busy week. Oldest has had early release most of the week and I Have been trying to work on projects. On top of that Littliest came home from school yesterday not feeling well. Last night at 1 am he had a 102 fever. Odd thing is is that he acted just fine but looked just pitiful. He woke up bright and early this morning at 6:30 just before the alarm went off and even got dressed for the day. He was doing good all morning and then after we ran a few errands and he played with Oldest a bit he crashed and had a fever again. I am afraid he will miss his last soccer game of the season in the morning!:( 
I am getting closer to finishing up the island!! Whohoo!!  I put  four layers of poly on the top so it is now ready to go and I worked on the doors which are now ready to be re installed! I found the perfect knobs for the doors yesterday at HobLob. I think they really make the doors pop.
Well have a great Halloween weekend y'all! Be safe, have fun, and eat as much sweets as ya like!;)
P.s Enjoy my holiday playlist! When I was growing up every Halloween evening the local radio station would play music to get ya in the spooky mood and these are some of the songs I remember. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Do It

This weekend Oldest and I had to bite the bullet and get into a differ mindset to accomplish goals we both wanted so very much. For Oldest it started abt a week and half ago. Well really it started last year when all of his friends were embarking on their next exciting milestone of growing up. Oldest would come home every day asking me when it would be his turn. Soon I would say. Soon. 
Oldest will be 7 in March and is  the last of his friends to start loosing his teeth. He came home from school abt a week and half ago and told me to check his front teeth because they hurt when he was eating lunch. I checked and not only did he have one but TWO loose teeth on the bottom. The dentist said the top two would be the first to go. Guess not. Oldest woke up this morning and The Hubster told Oldest to show me his troubles. His bottom tooth was hanging on just by a thread. He would NOT allow us to pull it out but kept complaining it hurt so I said just keep wiggling it. Well after abt an hour and half of that he called The Nana & The Papa to tell them the exciting news though the tooth still remained attached. The Papa made him a deal. Deal was he would send Oldest $20 if Oldest allowed me to pull his tooth while The Papa was on IChat. 
Soon FINALLY came. Oldest now not only is he excited to have lost his first tooth he is excited to be $20 richer! I told Oldest my fee for pulling teeth was $10!Ha!;) So excited for my baby boy who I have been lovingly referring to as Toothless today. The next one will probably be out by next weekend. Anybody know the going rate these days for the Tooth Fairy? I use to get a quarter but I hear inflation has kicked in quite a bit.
If you have been visiting for awhile you know I received this great island at the end of August from The Nana & The Papa. It took me awhile to figure out how I was going to revamp it to fit our decor. I shared color ideas and even posted a poll on my sidebar. Cream was the winner and I must say that I did attempt red as well but it quickly gave way to green instead after I saw an inspiration piece I fell in love with.  
After last weeks debacle of rub on swirls I finally just decided to do it! I put aside my fears and decided to just attempt painting them on. 
The rub ons for some reason came with printed swirls as well so I just cut them out and then ran a pencil on the back of them. After that I tapped um where I wanted them and then traced over them hoping it would show up.
It did but was still pretty light.
Since I was going to be using a darker paint color I just went right back over the design with a pencil so I could clearly see what I was painting.
I used just normal craft paint that you find at HobLob or even WM. The brown is actually  Folk Art Antiquing Glaze and then I used a Camel color on top while it was still wet so they would blend.
I think they turned out pretty good and excited that I finally just decided to do it! I know they are not perfect and I know my lines are not straight but for me that just adds charm. I will be lightly sanding over the designs and then antiquing the entire island to give it more of a rustic feel.
I was even able to start on the sides as well! One more side to do and then it is on to the drawers. Those have me stumped. I am hoping to have it all completed by Thanksgiving.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend and thanx for stopping by!  
P.s. Silly me was thinking BNOTP Metamorphosis Monday was the HomeGoods edition but that is not till next week so I am linking up today to share my progress. Head on over for some awesome inspiration posts! I spend way too much time looking thru them all!;)
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