Friday, August 20, 2010

Had to!!!

Okay ya'll The Hubster just Tweeted this and I HAD to share it with ya'll!! It is hysterical! Just go to my music player on the sidebar and turn it off so you can enjoy it!:) Have a great weekend!

P.s.s We met Oldest's teacher tonight and we think she is going to rock! Very pleased thus far with the new school.

P.s.s.s Not sure why the video link cuts off part of the video. Sorry! Click on the video and it will take you to the full screen version which is a must for the full effect!;)

Happenings & a Giveaway!

Happy Friday ya'll! We have had had a busy week trying to get ready for school in between Oldest still having some episodes. He is sooooo much better now during the day but our nights are pretty rough. Most nights we are up till 1:30 am or later with the burning feeling in his feet and hands. Today we are going to go and get some peppermint foot rub and see if that helps to "cool" them off. He tries so hard to go to sleep and even when he is asleep I can still see his feet moving all around. My poor baby!
Yesterday we ran up to The Woodlands. The boys like to get their hair cut at some place in the mall and so we drive the 30 minutes up there. I use to cut their hair but I got tired of cleaning up the mess and figured it was good for them to get use to somebody else doing it.
While waiting for our turn we went to Bath & Body to stock up on soaps. Their 5 for $15 or 7 for $20 deal is going on. We usually stock up abt three times a year. We just love their soaps and antibacterial gel because well I am a major germaphobe! Altogether we purchased 14 so that will take us thru November when the holiday soaps are out.

The Hubster said I need an intervention when he saw all of these! HA! Not really. Yes, we have several pumpkin soaps but only because they did not have the regular pumpkin soaps out yet and I did not want to wait! Am I the only one who has gotten out there spiced pumpkin candles already and have them lit!? Ha! I am soo ready for cooler temps and fall weather! The leaves are already falling but only because the trees are soo thirsty with it being 102 around here. Ugh!

Anyways, I ended up getting these for free! I was splitting my purchase up in to two transactions and well I then qualified for a free bath wash with each one! WhooHoo! It made not having a coupon all the better!
Tonight we have open house for Oldest! I still can not believe I have a 1st grader! Where does the time go!? We are very excited to check out the new school but still a little sad that all of our friends will still be at the old school.
So that is that. Now on to something fun! Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my new obsession!? If not you can read more here. The boys and I were in HomeGoods earlier this week and guess what I came across!? Yep, that's right! I found another April Cornell book AND Annie Sloan book!! So I will be giving them away to one lucky reader...well two really since they are two separate books... just as promised! WhooHoo!

This week I will be hosting the giveaway for the April Cornell book At Home.

I just love all of the pictures in this book!

I know I know you want the details on what cha have to do so here they are! Giveaway will run from today 8/20 till midnight central standard time 8/26 which is next Thursday! Leave me a comment telling me you are a follower to get one entry. Leave me a comment to let me know you blogged abt my giveaway on your blog for another entry. Last but not least post my give away on your sidebar and leave yet another comment. You must leave me individual comments please otherwise they will just count as one! I will announce the winner next Friday morning. If you do not have a blog and still want to enter that is fine. Just leave me a comment and a way to contact you if you are the winner! Open to the US and Canada only. Sorry to my readers if there are any in other parts of the world. I think I am safe in saying I do not have many if any of those but I thought it needed to be stated.

So get to commenting ya'll and have a wonderful weekend!
P.s thanx for all the anniversary wishes! We went to Johnny Carinos. Yummy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9 Years

Wow I can not believe it! 9 years ago today The Hubster and I walked down the isle. Time sure does fly! We have been on a whirl wind ride and mostly it has been good but by the grace of God we have even made it thru the rough times. I won't bore ya'll with the sappy details but if ya visit often you will notice a song list change. It is in honor of this special day. Ain't Going Down is a song that ALWAYS came on the radio EVERY time we were in the car together while dating. We use to sing to it to see who could make it the furthest before messing up. Come Grow Old With Me was the song played at our wedding and well we both love Remember When. It is just a beautiful song! It came out when I was prego with Oldest and just has stuck for us.
So now on the fun part I know ya'll are waiting for.

I am not computer literate enough to know how to scan in pics so this is all I got. This pic is from our wedding day. It was taken with a dsiposable camera by my 11 year old nephew and is my fave picture from that day even in all of its crooked slightly unfocused glory! I am sure The Nana and Papa would have loved if we did without a real photographer and just used disposable all around! HA!;)

Here is a pic from our Honeymoon in Maui. We were hoping to go back next year for our 10 year but not so sure now. There are so many beautiful places we would like to visit and take the boys to so who knows.

And here we are today. This pic is just awful of me but it is a good one of The Hubster so here it is! Just maybe he won't protest! Ha!

And this is a pic of a present we received from The Hubster's Uncle Billy and Aunt Romona on our wedding day. It is a $50 bill folded up and placed in the frame. We have kept it that way for 9 years now. When we received it we planned to not spend it till 10 years. 9 down and one more to go! Hmmm, maybe it can go towards a trip to Hawaii! Ha!;)
Later, ya'll! Off to hunt down some Episome salt. Littliest is having an Eczema attack ! Calgon take me away!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thankful Tuesday & A Reveal

Edited Note on 10/16/10- I did not have a chance to do a entirely new post about our office but I wanted to join in on the fun over at Kelly's for Show Us Where You Live. This week everybody is sharing their home office spaces! Here is ours. It is still a work in progress but coming along nicely I think. Enjoy and please be sure to hop on over to Kelly's for more lovely spaces!

Edited Note on 9/9/2010- Linking up to The Lettered Cottage Yard Sale!

Edited Note on 8/21/10- Linking up to Funky Junk Interiors SNS! I love heading over there every Sat and checking out all the wonderful links! Also be sure to check out my April Cornell giveaway !

Hey ya'll! Thanx for all of the well wishes for Oldest!! Though he is not 100% yet and will probably not be for awhile he is doing much much better!! We were able to get a full nights rest and he was happy that we got to get out of the house today as was I. All of those things we are very very thankful for! We know your prayers are working! We are also thankful for the impending new school year. We found out today which 1 st grade class Oldest will be in and even though as far as we know none of his friends are in his class I am sure he will have a great year! The new school is just awesome.

Since Oldest has been on the upward I was able to finish up a few things in the office finally which I am very thankful for. Though it still needs sprucing and some touches here and there I am still very pleased with it!

This was the office back in February. It was pretty much just a catch all for the Christmas decor that needed sorting and the boxes we had yet to unpack since the move.

Here it is today! Come on in won't you?!:)

I am just thrilled how well the book cases turned out. They truly almost met a fate of sitting at the curb side. I was soo frustrated with them but determination prevailed and they turned out great I think. Now I am on the hunt for some fabulous knick knacks to fill those shelves. I am so bad abt figuring those out though so I am sure it will be awhile till I have them all filled up. I am also still loving the suede paint on the feature wall. You can read all about it here.

Here is a look at what the cases looked like before the redo. They are made of particle board and the previous owners had attempted to paint them black without putting primer on them first. This picture actually makes them look 100 X better than they actually were. The black was actually a gray black. The paint was peeling and glopped on. They were truly just a mess but for $50 I had faith I could work with them. Next time I know to just start from scratch or buy new says The Hubster! Ha!

Here I tried to get a pic of everything and at the same time tried to show how high the ceiling is in here. I love my curtains I had found at Tuesday Morning. They were just $9.99 a panel. I think I am going to add trim to the inside edge of them though. I stole the F from another place in the house. I think it added a much needed dimension to the wall.

I was trying to get the rug in a pic here. It is truly one of my faves as well.

This is the not so nice wall but now that the book cases are in place The Hubster can start unpacking all of his crapolla. Ha!:)

The book cases were a pain because I was simply just hard headed and instead of stripping the bad paint job the previous owners did I just painted over it. I figured I could not make um any worse. I lucked up and found a brown Opps paint that cost all of $5 at Lowes and got to work. I was not happy with the end result so I added a glaze of a deeper brown on top. Then I thought they would make the office too dark so I painted the back of the cases Whole Wheat and then added the brown glaze. To make them more custom I purchased those little scrolly iron headers at HobLob.

Next we purchased some trim at Lowes which was the most expensive thing abt the darn book cases and added it to the edge of the shelving. I think it really adds to the custom feel so $16 well spent. It makes me forget they are actually just particle board. Ha!

This was a little splurge as well at $68 but after seeing it at The Hanger Hotel earlier in the year The Hubster and I agreed we needed one for the office. I did use a gift card for it so really we only paid abt $20 for it. I added the Harlequin wrapping paper to the bottom shelving...yeah I said wrapping paper. The bottom level is just awful with bubbled up spots and all. All I could think of was to place this Harlequin pattern on it. At first I attempted to decoupage it but that was a frustrating no go. Three attempts later I just busted out the glue gun and tada. The Hubster says we may get some plexi glass cut to put over top of it to keep it from ripping up. Who knows.

I love my lil' Fleur De Leis tie backs that I found at HobLob a few months ago. I was not sure where I was going to use them and then it dawned on me how perfect they would be in here. Actually a lot of things just ended up in here as the office evolved.

Last but not least I hung The Hubsters antique putter above the doors. The ceiling is so high that I will probably add something else above it eventually but for now it will do. And see that empty frame on the wall over the bench in the foyer? Yep, that is where I stole the F from! Now I am brainstorming on what to replace it with. So there ya have it. Our new french country inspired office make over for less than $240!! That's right that is all we spent on it. The decor was mostly items I had around the house already or had purchased and put away not knowing where I was going to use them. Even with that said total we spent maybe $300 if that. The "desk" was free so the most expensive thing in there was the rug from Costco and it only cost $70! Budget decorating gives me such a high! Good thing there is not an intervention for it! Ha!

Oh, and not that this has anything to do with the office but I just had to throw it in here too! It makes me HomeGoods happy which is where I found it!
Thanx for stopping by and thanx again for all your prayers and well wishes for Oldest! We are very thankful for them! Have a great week ya'll!

P.s I am linking up to Metamorphosis Mondays over at Between Naps On The Porch! Head on over and look at all the wonderful links there!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quick Update

Took Oldest into the doc this morning. We had a bad day and night last night. He could barley stand for even a minute without having to lay down because his hands and feet would burn. We were searching for a children's ER this morning and then our friends told us that our doc has Sunday hours now. We called and went straight there. We were soooo blessed and I know God was watching over us because low and behold the doc who was on duty was our regular pediatrician who we desperately tried to see on several occasions last week to no avail. To make a long story short our mystery illness is more than likely an allergic reaction to children's Motrin! She will be doing some blood work on Wed and hopefully it will tell us for sure or not.
Please read the entire bottle of all meds before giving them to your children! If I had read the Motrin bottle in full earlier in the week we could have caught on to this so much sooner or at least I think I would have caught on to it! I feel just horrible but am thankful to finally have an answer. The allergy is VERY rare. So rare indeed that the two docs that my son saw before today had even said to give him Motrin to help with his pain.
I will post more details when I get a chance. Just wanted to thank everybody for the well wishes and to maybe save somebody else from this situation!

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