Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest Bathroom Make Over

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Today is the last day of school for Littliest! It is hard to believe that summer is already here. It seems just like yesterday that I was dreading taking down Christmas lights! Littliest actually has early release today which means not enough time to do really anything so I decided to share with ya'll what I have been working on this past week. As you know my focus right now is on the mother-in-law suite and it has an attached bath, teeny tiny but none the less it is there and needed some loving too.

Here is a pic from when we were house hunting. Really it is teeny. Behind the door are two doors that open up to a tiny closet. You can not open the closet unless the bathroom door is closed.

Here is what the bath looked like just days ago. All I had done in here was kinda sorda hang the Country Living shower curtain I purchased on line from Kmart and painted the walls. It was still kinda just blah and so I decided to take the plunge. It was a major plunge and well I was afraid I was heading to possible divorce court but I did it. I painted the cabinet!! I never would have in any of our other homes but this home I vowed to make my own and well if we see it is holding the house back from selling I can always just bust out the paint brush and turn it white again.

Tada! Here is how it turned out!

A bit better pic. I think it turned out wonderfully! I showed The Hubster what I did only after he came home with an IPad of all things! We had already discussed the IPad and I did tell him he could have one for Fathers Day, Anniversary and his birthday but he thought I was going to be upset since I did not know he actually had one in his possession. Opportunity rang and I said well honey I promise not to be upset if you promise not to be upset!;) See I had mentioned what I was going to do all this past week with no comment from him. I knew he was not listening so yes that was the perfect time to introduce him to our new guest bath! I do though think The Hubster needs his eyes checked because he thinks the cabinet is navy blue. Um, no black honey really black. He thought something at Pottery Barn the other day was navy as well and nope it was black.
These knobs are my favorite part I think. I purchased them at HobLob for like $3 for both. Ignore the goopy looking paint smudge there. In no way are the cabinets perfect but in my defense they did not start out perfect. The main reason I was not hesitant to paint them was because the painters did a TERRIBLE job on them to begin with so I figured I could not make them any worse. I used a semi gloss black paint from Lowes that cost all of $10. Let me do say this, I think next time I will just use a satin. I HATED painting with the semi gloss. It was a major pain and shows way too many paint strokes. I would rather use the satin finish and then go back over it with some rub on poly before I ever use semi again.

You may remember me mentioning in a previous post about our master bath how I despised these light fixtures. Well actually it is not the fixture per say I despise but the metal skirty things around the globes. I HATE those. I think it dates the fixture. I attempted to take a globe down in the guest bath and it broke. Today I was looking at the one sided globeless fixture and decided that I would attempt to take the other one down since we have an extra fixture we replaced in the half bath.

New light fixture= FREE! Well at least I think it looks new. Taking the skirty metal things off and cleaning the the globes made all the difference I think. I am currently trying to hunt down a new faucet fixture for cheap. I want one of those that says hot and cold with white porcelain knobs.

Here is a pic I took while standing in the bath tub. It was really hard trying to get the right light for pics. So far so good I think. I like it so much now that I go in there for potty breaks instead of the half bath just so I can look around!Ha! Now I just need to accessorize and figure out a window treatment.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WhooHoo Wednesday

Happy Wednesday ya'll! The boys are finally starting to feel better! Littliest has slept thru the entire night two nights in a row so I feel refreshed and ready for some Whoo Hooing! With all this extra sleep that I have been getting I have been able to work some more on the mother in law suite redo. Pics coming soon! Lets just say pieces are out in the garage drying as I am typing!:) I also have come up with my first ever Give Away here at From My Front Porch To Yours! Keep reading!
So I have been browsing sofas for awhile now. Two years to be exact and well nothing has jumped out me. I had even considered a sectional sofa when we moved into this house due to the odd layout of the living room. I came across theses sofas at CSN
and think they would go great.

This one is my absolute favorite! I love the turned legs and the big fluffy pillows and contrasting fabrics. It is very french country but way out of my budget.
I also like this one. It is simple but yet elegant.
Here is the same sofa again but with the contrasting fabrics. It has very similar lines to the sofa we already have.

Now you may be wondering why I am blogging about sofas and a giveaway in the same post!? Don't get too excited!! I am NOT giving away a sofa...wouldn't that be worth a major Whoo Hoo though...but the people over at CSN stores are offering up a little something for me to giveaway to one lucky reader/follower. Here are the rules plain and simple. First is to become a follower and leave a comment telling me you are now or already are a follower. This is very important because I just do not have time to enter all my followers names myself. Second is to blog about my giveaway and then come back again and leave another comment telling me you did! Easy peasy right!? The giveaway will run from today 5/26/10-6/1/10 midnight. I will announce the winner in my next Whoo Hoo Wednesday post. For those of you who do not blog just leave me a comment and email address where I can contact you if you are the winner.
Now on to the good part! If you are the winner you get to pick one of the following items. All I will need is your shipping address if you are the winner and then I will have CSN ship whichever item straight to your home. Please be patient though as the item may become out of stock but as of right now all three are in stock.
EDITED NOTE: I was thinking and thinking lent me to some more thinking and guess what!? Instead of ME picking your item I am gonna let ya'll shop the over 200 CSN stores and pick out WHATEVER it is that YOU desire up to $40. Shipping will be extra even if your item is less than $40 but a TON of their items are FREE Shipping. I figured my taste may not be your taste and so you may not like roosters or birds or garden decor and since it is your give away YOU get to choose so come on and leave me some more comments!:) CSN will supply me with the discount code which I will pass on to the lucky winner! And since you get to choose please do a post about what it was that you choose! We all would love to see!
I just love this porcelain rooster! He would look awesome in my kitchen and I am sure yours too!
Loving this bird pendulum clock! Very cottage chic.
And how about these garden tin baskets! I am really in love with these and if I did not love ya'll soo much I would be keeping them for myself!Ha!
Now get on to leaving me some comments!:) I can not wait for the fun to begin! Oh and if somebody can tell me how to use the automatic number generator that would be awesome!!
Thanx to Marla over at Always Nesting for having us all over for another wonderful WhooHoo Wednesday! Thanx Marla!! Also head over to Marla's and enter her 300 followers Give Away! What a fun week this is!
Ps. I do not know how to make a button ladies so I apologize that there is not one for your side bars. Maybe I will figure it out.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Keeping Fingers Crossed

Edited Note: Missed out!:( The lady came and purchased her. So very sad but I am sure another will come along again one day. She sure was pertty!:)

Does she work? Nope. Do I still want her? You bet I do! I found her on the local yard sale site and messaged the owner right away. They are asking $25 but I am offering $20. I am hoping The Papa can fix her maybe. He works miracles a lot of times so I think there may be some hope. evn if not she will still be pretty to look at. I am thinking a distressed cream color would do her good or maybe even a robins egg blue. Oh what possibilities! Off to see if they have responded. I am literally drooling over it!;)
Speaking of revamping things, I changed my background and switched my play list to some tunes that sound summery I think. I hope you enjoy!:)
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