Friday, February 26, 2010

My New Adventure

For Valentines Day we did not go out and do a romantic dinner and movie. We did not exchange cards. I did not receive a new piece of jewelry. We went to Costco that day and The Hubster bought me this so I guess really he did buy me a card!Ha! There was a coupon so that made it even better.

This is my new adventure. The adventure that has taken up most of my thoughts and time this week. Even after having to go all the way back across town to Costco because nobody told us they needed to give us the card I still had fun ordering my food.

Had much moral support in the process. For some reason both furry children were up on the desk. I guess they wanted to cheer me on and say yes mom you can do it!:)

This came 10 LONG days later. I had read reviews where some received their food in only 4 days and some 10. I was prepared to wait but had wished it would have come sooner.

Oldest and Littliest helped open the box and sort thru it. It weighed as much as Littliest at 34 pounds!

Had to reorganize the pantry and ended up taking over an entire cabinet to keep things organized. Thankfully we have the cabinet space with some fudging.

Thursday was Day 1. I picked this for breakfast. I was not sure what I was going to find once opened. I was scared!

Things were looking up and after 10 secs in the micro it was pretty darn tasty!

Ahhh, lunch. Another not so sure.

I HAD to add parm. You can not have Italian without some parm! I ended up being very pleased with lunch as well!

Now afternoon snack. These were super yummy too!

Day 1 went well I think as far as food goes. Dinner was not my fave but edible. I had some mushroom risotto or something. Now that I have completed Day 2 I have to say I am liking my new adventure thus far. All my foods today were super yummy and with the add ins of fruit and veggies I have been eating more than I ever have!
I refer to this as my NEW adventure but in reality is not a NEW adventure for me but one I have been on most of my teen/adult life. I have tried doing this alone but I NEEDED a boost. I know, I their are stories out there about once people are off the plan they just gain it all back and then some but I am determined to make this work!
Don't worry this will not become a blog just about weight loss but if you are on this journey as well please lets share! If you have done Nutrisystem or are currently doing it let me know! I would love to compare notes and cheer each other on. I will continue to post about my adventure in achieving a healthier me along with my other passions. I figured seeing as I was making over rooms and what not it was high time to work on me too!
Now that I have most things figured out as far as scheduling and what not I will be back to regular posting!:) I just downloaded a ton of pics. I even have some of our "snow" the other day so be sure to check back.
Have a wonderful weekend ya'll!


Sorry I have been MIA! I have begun a new adventure and it has required a new routine for me. Hopefully by next week I will have it down pat and be back to projects and posting.
Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sorry I have not been around in a few days. Not much happening around here. We are waiting on some white stuff if ya can believe that!? Crazy I say! Not sure what we will get. It is now 41 and dropping with light rain. The boys are super excited and want to go out and play in it if it starts after dark. The cool mom I am will appease!:)

I was thinking this was as late snow has ever fallen around here but after a little research...gotta love google...I found out it snowed back in 1932 I think it was on March 10. Now that is crazy! So if it does snow we will not be breaking any records this time around. That is unless we get 20 inches or more. That has not happened since 1895 which ironically is when they started keeping track.:)
Have a good one and be sure to go over to the sidebar and take a look at the Giveaway section. I believe all three end tonight.
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